Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stuffings ....

Z turned 24 on the 24th.
On the 19th he went to settlement on his 1st home.
I'm so proud of him.
Me and LN went food shopping with him yesterday to begin to fill up his pantry and fridge.
His birthday present he liked.
I love him.
He's taught me a lot by challenging everything I thought I knew about being a parent.
We crossed into the dark side more times than I can count but we are out the other side and it's a great feeling.
I say we because if I had parented him different and better earlier he wouldn't have had such a long haul.
He taught me how out of the box some kids are and it's normal.
I have been repeatedly told if I "disciplined" him more he would have been "a good kid".
Bull Snarkies!!!!
He needed me to NOT discipline him but learn how to understand then deal with him .
I love him just as he is.
He s my happy and he has my soul.
Each of my 3 have a piece of me and I connect with each in a different way.
It's the right way to parent.
LN has the benefit of my experience with Z so I hopefully choose the way she needs as my parenting choices with her.
LN want feeling well yesterday when she woke up.
After spending time with her bro and them hanging up on me she felt much better.

I picked up LN's hog from butcher along with our quarter of her steer.
Let's just say I have a full chest freezer.
And 2 full refrigerator freezers.
And a full half chest freezer.
And I gave Z some for his new house stock up.
And I'm thawing some to lighten the load and to make meatballs for supper.
I use 3 kinds of meat to mix them up.
Lamb and beef or venison burger and sausage ...
That's 3# out of the freezers.
A drop in the bucket so to speak but a start.
As busy as LN's schedule is I don't cook as often as I want during her fall and spring seasons.
Come winter I make up for it though.
Today is nascar race day in Dover DE.
I live just west of there about 10 miles.
I need to take LN to her travel soccer game directly behind the track .
Hopefully we get there early for 9:00am game and get out of there before too much craziness ensues.


  1. Wow. How many 24 year old guys these days have it enough together to do what has to be done to own their own home like your son? You have every right to be as proud of him as you are.

    I have been thinking about how differently I cook in the summer months compared to the winter months. Actually, I think our bodies require different kinds (and amounts!) of food at different times of the year. I'm kinda looking forward to having more homey type meals this winter . . . you know, meat, potatoes and gravy, a veggie or two. I've been craving a beef pot roast lately. Know where I can get one? Hee-hee.

    1. Comfort food is the best MamaPea. Winter is my time to cook soups, stews, roasts , gravy, etc. great now I'm hungry lol.
      I am proud of Z he sees his goal and makes it happen no matter how long it takes.

  2. I went through some dark days raising my older kiddos too. We are very close now. That is a wonderful stock pile you have there.

    1. Kristina, It is so hard to dumb down my cooking and remember we only have 1 left at home. Well we'll never starve. LOL
      My son taught me a lot. Parenting as I knew it got flipped on it's head.