Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Funday ???

Today S & I tackled a sheep hay storage area.
I have been using a hut that sat on the ground but it was a back breaker
as my 5'8" child demonstrates.
We bought 3 huts at a auction.
They are roughly 8' x 8' square.
One we resold, one we have in the sheep pasture for it's intended purpose and
one I use for storage near the sheep's feeding area outside.
First step was taking all the crapola that was around the hut and dispose or put it away.

Next we picked a spot in the corner that is beside sheep and backs up to arena fence where cows are.
Then S in his kindness allowed me to dig and set all 4 posts.
That was so sweet!
It was easy with the recent rain and I only have to dig down 2 ft.

We attached 2x6 boards for the hut to set down on and 2x2 boards to attach tin to later.

We picked up the hut with a chain and maneuvered it into position.
We lowered it and miraculously it set down on boards with only a little pushing around.
A lot of bolts and screws later and tada.

A storage hut for hay!
It started to rain so the tin will be attached to the bottom walls later.
S wants to close in the front with a recycled storm door and plywood.
It faces east and normally is fine left open.
I'll think on it.
I think trying to toss bales in a normal size door will be a pain.
We'll see.....


  1. It's gotta be a BIG improvement just having it raised up. Plus, it will hold a lot more hay!