Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday Randomness...

For 2 weeks I have not had an oven.
I turned it on 1 night, it started clicking like it was lighting but never did light.
I lite it by hand and it kept going out.
For 1 week I haven't had a stove top because of the ongoing oven repairs
I have used the crockpot and microwave when I've been home to cook that is.
Today S's friend B the master of all he sees is supposed to fix it.
B ask me to take the stove top off so he could see better the ignition  and gas lines.
Oh yea and to clean it up to.
Oh well I now know how to strip the gas stove down completely.
I've never messed with gas cause it's scary.
Not anymore now I know how to pull the burners and lines apart and put them back together.
This was info I didn't need but ....I have it.
Ln's field hockey season came to an abrupt halt last night.
I walked across the field with a food and drink bag for her after her game.
It was an away game about an hour from home and she rides the bus back.
She had a spectacular game and although her team tied she killed it on the field personally.
Her coach sees me and casually says, " I'm going to miss her now that she's done".
She let me take LN home so she got a real meal and started homework in the truck.
I thought she had her last game against a difficult team Thursday which she'd play and
another game next Thursday that she'd miss because of FFA convention in Kentucky.
Nope the Thursday team rescheduled to next week.
I'm a little let down but she has to be at convention to participate in livestock judging as her team won the state contest.
She leaves Monday after school and comes back next weekend.
Down time for Mama!
I have lots that needs my attention so no issues there.
A good think happened a little while ago.
A man came to the house that I knew but hadn't seen in a few years.
He asked for S who wasn't home.
He said he needed to apologize to him for being rude.
Apparently he snapped at S at an auction last week when S didn't sell a row he wanted to bid on something in but moved to a different row.
He said, " I apologize that is not my nature and I've felt bad about it ever since".
I said I'm sure S {who can be "difficult" when he's auctioneering and acts superior a lot}
 had it coming.
The man replied, "Still I apologize because I shouldn't have snapped back".
That made me almost cry that someone felt bad about his actions.
It takes a big person to admit their mistakes.
A rare occurrence in my world for sure.

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  1. I too have stove issues, and the stove top is not fixed (electric). Yay, to the guy who apologized.