Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not much...

Just do not have much to share or say.
Staying busy chauffeuring LN to everything but that's normal.
She's been nominated for a community service contest Prudential Ins. runs.
Busy doing the application with her.
Fall is here so there's lots to do.
I need to wash windows in the house, they are nasty.
Not today with 40 mph winds though.
Turned on the furnace for this weekends cold temps and wind.
Not my choice S chose to do it.
I would have sucked it up some more till next week when mild temps reappears.
Metaphor for my life I think.
Not my choice, suck it up till it gets better.
I'm thinking I need a new one.
I'll put it on the list.
Have a pork loin in the crockpot so it should smell homey in here soon.
I'll add lemon pepper to it and make sides later.
Sunday supper is always filling if I can manage it with the crockpot.
Too many games scheduled that make hands on an issue.
Todays games were cancelled due to heavy downpours yesterday.
Good thing though as LN went to FFA convention last week.
This means a week of makeup work due and 4-H work to complete quickly.
Stove issues seem {fingers crossed, maybe toes too} to be resolved with the help of S's friend
 who actually does know it all.
He bought new part but it was defective, went for 2nd version of same part and installed it.
Adjusted flame and lp/propane choices which seems to have done fixed it up.
Always something though.
Happy November 1 ya'll!


  1. I hope the stove repairs work out for you. We still have issues with our burners.

    1. We should just stop cooking huh Kristina? I wish or maybe not. This cold weather inspires me to cook homey food. I didn't test oven yet I wimped out and used 2 crockpots today. My burners are fine it's only the oven I curse.

  2. Could we just form a Nasty Windows Club and forget about the trying to get them washed? Every single fall I grouse about getting them done before the weather is too cold. Sometimes they get done, sometimes they don't.

    Just in from digging our potatoes. My fingers and toes are absolutely frozen. I'd fix myself a hot toddy but that would mean the end of my day, and there are still things that need doing. Can you relate?

    1. Yes MamaPea I can. It's def fall/winter today. Windows in this house are so old they don't come all the way clean but washing will help tremendously. The stinkbugs and spiders seem to think they can live on them if they are dirty. Nasty creatures!