Saturday, November 29, 2014


Some of my older cellulose, plastic and candy holder type Santas and Snowmen.
I'm an ole soul...
Had to include the old electric fixture on left side, it looks like a Christmas tree with tinsel on it.
The snowman on back left is a painted gourd with twig arms.
I have to replace them every 2 yrs or so.  

This santa is made from an old burlap feed bag.
The original came from Germany when I visited my sister whose Husband was stationed there.
I've made a few more as gifts and have one in the works now to gift if I get it done.

Horrible color picture...
This is a deep green print and bright red print on stark white.
I just bought it at an 4-H conference silent auction.
Probably around 6 ft square or so.

Soft filled snowmen I just like ;]

My favorite ram, can't butt me from a hooked rug!

LN made the pillows on the left and center as 4-H fair projects this summer.
Looks Christmasey to me....

A couple of my" Cowboy" Santas, the left one is paper machie.

I like older type things can't you tell?
The Santa head still plays music clear as day.
The stocking is flocked felt.
Told ya Christmas threw up at my house.
Now for outside and maybe tree next week or so.
Won't be next weekend.
Next weekend is outdoor soccer tournament in western Maryland.
See what kind of jokes the weather plays on us.


  1. Cute. I love the older decorations too. Cute pillows!

    1. Thanks Kristina, I'm not much on newer tinsely stuff.

  2. Frustration! Cannot get your pictures to download on my screen! Tried last night two times and now having the same problem this morning. I'll try again later today. Let me see, let me see!

    1. Sometimes i wonder if computers are worth it. Makes like easier they say. I wonder...

  3. Geesh! Finally got all your pictures to download this morning. Computers . . . gotta love 'em.

    Gotta say, "Wow!" what a collection you have. I can guarantee the newer decorations (Santas or whatever) are not made to last as your older ones have. I, too, just like the looks of the ones from days gone by. Your house must look super-festive with all your goodies on display!