Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Early View

I am NOT an early riser given a choice. Many people who blog that I follow talk about the peace and tranquility of pre dawn or dawn rising.
 Not me I LOVE SLEEP! 
Always have , always will...
I work hard and get things done but I like sleep. There is nothing better than crawling into my bed, face planting, lots of covers and quilts and snoozing.
Well almost nothing...
This 5am view is pretty cool too.
Teenage pregnancy at its finest as well.
S and I go round and round about under but almost yearling ewes being bred. He feels they have to earn their way and can finish growing up as their pregnancy advances. I disagree and usually stand my ground. This year was bad year with us and I caved and threw 2 young ewes in with the ram for a few days. 
Yep he got at least one. 
When I went out to check at 5 I saw a 11# ewe lamb toddling around dry and sassy. On the wrong side of the gate though :/. I picked cutie up and Miss "I'm almost a grow up " came running to the gate in protest. A quick swap of jug inhabitates and some flashlight recon outside to see if a single was it and all was well. Mama and girl reunited, a lil feed and water given, nursing confirmed and back to house I tottled.
I'm on sofa now with covers and pillow.
Gotta go back out , soon , just in case...
But for now , nap time .

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