Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Few inches maybe 8"

Few inches maybe 8 of snow                  overnight Monday into Tuesday.
Pretty before tracks pollute it I think.

Defiently powered sugar kinda snow, easy to deal with.

Mouse still not impressed, not enough to camouflage him either.

Sheep run and play and eat it.
Not the yellow snow though!

Calf and vows trambled it into mush.

More predicted Saturday into Sunday my resident "I wanna snow day from school " meteorologist says.
She forgets too many snow days off and she has to deal with high temps inJune  making them up.


  1. It's different seeing pics of the animals in the snow. Very pretty to this snow-lovin' person! If you get too much of the white stuff, feel free to send it our way. We still don't have enough.

    1. I'm loading my truck now with it MamaPea. See you soon ;)~

  2. I love your photos. So pretty with the animals out in it.