Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Girl

LN made Terrapin Cheesecake for her Favorite Foods contest yesterday.
She was happy with her blue ribbon.
She was ecstatic when she won her senior dessert category. 
But I think the highlight of her day was this little man.
LN was asked to judge the cloverbud (age 5-8) entries.
They all get participation ribbons and make either cookies, cupcakes or brownies.
She was to ask them questions about their entries and how they made them.
Always be positive and ask about their lives a little bit.
She said this young man was monosyllabic about his brownies.
She asked him about his interests and he exploded with enthusiasm.
He had her crying at his answers and animations about Mario.
She had about 6 other young people standing around them watching as she cried and
 he kept sounding out his Mario game for 20 minutes.
Most cloverbuds are in and out in under 10 minutes because they are so nervous and almost teary.
Great experience for her to interact with the " up and coming" generation in 4-H.
How was his brownies?
LN said, "I have no idea I was so busy laughing I forgot what I ate".
Behind her are rows of entries from all ages.
The division winners received stainless steel Ikea utensils.
This is the senior division winners.
I noticed cream cheese and various cheesecake recipes were popular this year.
The young man on the right won the appetizer category with a Shrimp Creole cheesecake.
Very good and so creative.
After awards are handed out everyone can taste samples of anyone's entries they choose.
Since LN and I helped we sampled ahead of time after the members were officially judged.
My favorite was a Mac n Cheese with bacon on top.
I have simple tastes.
The kicker to this is...
LN hates cream cheese/cheesecake but thought others might like her choice.
After we stopped at our friends who invited us for tacos.
LN's favorite supper.
She provided the last 2 pieces of cheesecake for dessert.
She had an outstanding day.
When we left them about dark it had started snow/sleet/rain mix as we drove home s-l-o-w-l-y.
This morning it is still raining but cold so ice was everywhere as I fed. 
It was warmer this morning, about 34* with a high predicted of 40*.
Back down in the 20's tomorrow and single digits overnight.
It is winter and will end after all.
It always does...



  1. I really enjoyed your post today. Especially about the tears that flowed.

    1. Kristina , She s not a fanof younger children. This was a stretch at best for her. When he started being boisterous she lost it laughing till she cried. She tried to not let him see but realized he was oblivious.

  2. What a neat position (of judging) for LN to experience. I really like the way the senior division winners were "dressed up" so nicely. The oh-so-active 4-H organization you have is just amazing. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderfully, upbeat post about up and coming young adults. And the Cloverbud entries, too!!

    1. Dressing up is part of the interview prep that do. A judge comes to their place setting. They are interviewed and food is served to judge to try.