Monday, March 9, 2015

Dirty jobs

I've put it off tooooo long.
The lambs are almost 8 weeks old.
Time for tails and nuts to be banded.
The tails are already showing a lot of manure build up.
That is the reason their tails come off.
They are more upset at being put on halters and restrained.
The bands I'm sure pinch but to a tee all the ewe lambs were running around as soon as they were released from the evil torture device known as halters.
The 3 boys laid down a minute or two after their bands were put on their sacs.
Actually they are funny.
They fall down and lay out like their dead.
After a minute or so they jump up and realize they are still alive.
Hopefully within a week I'll see major shrinkage.
I have had issues with old bands in the past popping off and causing infections so I keep a close eye
on everyone.
This cold weather will be nice with no flies to investigate the decaying flesh.
A vet friend told me after 3 days I can cut off the tails but I never do.
I allow the process to finish and the dog to tote a tail onto the porch.
They are really dirty jobs but necessary for their health.
The snow has melted except in big piles we shoved the driveway accumulation into.
Now the sucking mud has to be dealt with.
I wonder if Lestoil can save these?


  1. Ha! It's muddy and mushy here too. I had to wear muck boots to get my laundry down yesterday. I'm still glad to see the snow go though.

    1. Kristina I love the snow. Ice not so much. Most of this winter I hung my wash inside on accordion racks to put some moisture back in the dry heat from furnace. Time to don my muck boots though to hang outside as the sun is shining here.

  2. Those are called work pants, m'dear. You can wash 'em, but they'll never look clean! (Not that you don't know all that!)

    1. I know MamaPea which is why we have "town" clothes and home clothes and never shall the 2 get confused.