Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Snows gone , heated buckets and troughs turned off.

Mud prevails!

S is headed to Pennsylvania to pick up potatoes to sell. St. Patty's Day is when Amish like to get their gardens started. The ice and snow might push that back a bit but the bags of spuds can acclimate to our temperatures while waiting .
I vow to do a better job in the garden this year!
I mean it!


  1. Okay, little girl! You said it and we are all going to hold you to it . . . we will now expect regular pictures of your garden's progress starting with the open, bare, ready ground. Got that? (Are you getting a picture of what an awful mother I've been?) :o]

    P.S. Geesh, I hate mud. :o(

  2. I want to plant my potatoes early this year too. I'm getting excited for gardening, although I know very hot days are ahead. I'm try not to complain this summer.