Sunday, March 1, 2015

Had to...

Had to drive through snow/sleet/rain/ice mix tonight for LN.
She has one month to get her 4-H Fashion Revue outfit completed.
Sounds simple right?
1st: what she gonna make?
Either a dress and jacket or coat or pants, shirt and jacket or coat?
Endless possibilities!
2nd :when she going to have time? sewing mentor lives an hour away
Soccer tryouts started Saturday morning and will be every day after school till 5:30.
Limits the time before adding in other things like meetings and appts. let alone her mentors schedule of full time job and 2 young children to raise.
3rd: what material is she using?
Duh, wool but which wool pieces and how many coordinating fabrics?
We couldn't get ahold of her sewing mentor but we had 4:00pm appointment to start process.
LN was nervous, I was completely freaked out but we went.
Slowly, 30-40 mph, slow and steady.
We only slid a few times and not badly or I would have turned around.
A's driveway was ice rink so we slid containers of fabric and sewing boxes, etc. across ice to garage.
After hour or so of deliberation she chose red lightweight (almost see through) wool dress.
A dark chocolate brown with red flecks medium weight coat wool.
Both pieces are retro looking which is right up LN's alley.
Coat pattern is actually vintage pattern I bought at flea market for a quarter.
Original price is 75 cents.
I'm sure both pieces will be tricked out with little details.
Right now tonight they collaborated on decisions and cut dress out.
It's a start...

We left and crept home with homework.
Lining to buy, trim to acquire, 9 buttons to find and marking to finish.
It'll happen.


  1. What an adventure! LN sure has enough pressure in her young life. But I know that's because she has the gumption to push herself and succeed in several different areas. What a talented seamstress she is. And what a lot of work will go into this project.

    So glad you made the trip safely . . . we do what we have to do, but sometimes it's not fun. Considering what you've gone through in the past, I think your courage (and commitment to LN) is awesome. Good job, Mom!

    1. MamaPea she will not quit anything. I leave the choices up to her. She gets upset but pushes through. Bad part is she enjoys it all.