Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings

Don't have an egg bucket and no Carhartt vest on?
Hoody egg basket....

It's 45* and climbing . I had to shed that hoody fast. After gym workout my body temp stays up most of the day.

Lambs are stuffing their faces with creep and hay. Won't be long till reckoning time.

Tails are shrinking. Soon time to decide who gets to stay and who goes to auction along with 2 older ewes .

Coming to water regular as well. All good signs. Starting to smell tails and nut decay, normal as well.

Thursday we start a cow on breeding regiment. 2 others due on 31st so time to start watching closer.
I was able to unhook small electric waterer for chickens and put 5 gal one back in. Thankfully sparrows/starlings are not eating all their feed and browsing in hedgerows again. Makes chores less aggravating.
Now for mud detour and garden prep hopefully soon.

That is all ;)


  1. Ah, yes, the smell of tail and nut decay. You really know how to set the scene of welcome, lovely, fresh, spring air! ;o] Sounds as though spring is coming on in a big way on your farm. Lots to be done . . . which all will be more pleasant once the mud goes away. We're expecting a good chance of rain (our first this year) today which will help get rid of more ice and snow . . . and make more mud!

    1. Sorry for your drought that's coming after your mild weather. It's always feast or famine MamaPea.
      Spring smells great once all the mess from winter is cleaned away but oops then it's summer and well ...