Thursday, March 5, 2015

My view....

I am working on bookwork at the dining room table.
Bad person because it contains piles of whatever is going at the moment.
Rarely eat at it.
Me and kids do if S is not around but that's another story all together.
The projected storm was 6 hours late starting but the snow and wind have commenced.
This is east side of house.
LN's cat sits on edge of the old sewing machine covered by the window.
The nandina bush provides her much angst and entertainment.

This is out the north side porch window.
Not much coverage yet.
I'll be sitting in the swing before I know it.
LN was interviewed for one of the local papers.
It's an article on making a difference in the community.
She was honored.
She's a cool kid.
I know I shouldn't but I have to ask.
Does anyone else read blogs where the blogger cries broke and asks for money?
It may be worded better but essentially that's what it is.
I stopped following several and paused one because of this.
Today I read her post and it began again.
She had 51 comments about how brave she is and "help" she can expect.
I didn't comment.
I'm unfollowing her.
I could write a book on her issues that cause the financial hardship starting with her quitting a good job to "farm" on her few acres.
I did not comment.
I know that I am commenting now and I should let it go.
So I will but I had to ask?
Not for money though.
Course while we're on the subject...
Naw JK as LN says.
But still .... 


  1. You're a mama who deserves to be bustin' her buttons over your youngest! That little gal is going to go far!!

    Oh, drat rat! I must have missed the post that blogger made begging for money again. Don't get me started on her, I could write a book, too. When I went to look just now, the post you apparently saw this morning was gone. I'm betting she received so many negative comments regarding it that she pulled it. Good for enough people for finally speaking out!!

    Have to show my ignorance: LN says, "Naw JK." What does that mean?

    1. It means No, just kidding. The age of slang she's in I am constantly learning new things. I am always amazed at people begging. Let's be real begging is what it is.

    2. My dictionary defines begging as: To ask for as charity. So she chose to quit her paying job so others could support her with their charity. What's wrong with that picture?

  2. This is why I don't say much during the strike, and try to keep my blog up-beat and positive. But I do try to keep it real, because keeping a garden and farm animals is hard work too. Folks looking to delve into this lifestyle do need to be prepared.