Friday, March 6, 2015

Palmy Weather.... Not

This is not North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, Alaska, Siberia, or the North Pole.
Oops MamaPea I'm just saying ;] 
I would live in any of those places and be better prepared I believe (not Siberia).
It's coastal Delaware and it's 12*.
It's cold.
I went out and shoveled for 2 hrs starting at 7:00am.
The wind chill makes it feel like Antarctica.
We usually get very cold like this several times a winter separated by a few weeks of 30-40*.
May even get to 50* sometimes for a day.
What's different this year is cold arrived and has stayed consistently for 8 weeks now.
We had about 6-8" of snow yesterday into last night.
It started as ice pellets.
They are still there underneath and I can't fix that.
S has deliveries to do and is debating waiting till tomorrow.
That would give Amish (and English) a chance to dig out the drifts.
I know 8" isn't a lot but his truck has an aluminum flat bed on it so no weight involved on the rear.
It's great for loading up to 6 ton of feed for deliveries.
Empty not so much so he has to turn route around and go to farthest stop 1st.
This allows him a better shot at getting back without fishtailing around.
Other than the undercoating of ice covering everything all is well.
Ln has a quarter auction fundraiser tonight about 18 miles south of us.
It benefits her exchange group.
I'm in charge of food.
Guess who hopes it's cancelled?
It will not be.
Knuckle buster for me...
I have to make Veg. Beef soup, celery with cream cheese and/or peanut butter for our personal donations.
Better get cracking as soon as my no circulation legs thaw out.
You'd think with my thunder thighs I'd be plenty warm.
Yea, NO ;/


  1. I hope and pray your drive to the fundraiser is a safe one. We are not getting snow, but it's frigid here.

    1. It was safe. I was a Sunday driver and an ole lady driver rolled into one. But we arrived safe and returned same way. Thanks for your prayers though. Never hurts!

  2. Your post just confirms that weather all over our country has been whacko this winter. And I agree it's upsetting when one has to risk life and limb going out in it. And when it plays havoc on fulfilling business and personal responsibilities. Give yourself permission to stay home rather than risking a bad incident caused by the weather. Hoping all goes well for you.

    1. I took it slow. After few back roads the main road was bare to bone. On the way home I crawled down my road just in case but all was well.