Friday, March 20, 2015

Should I share?

1st guess what?
It's snowing.
Shocking I know but there you go....
It is turning to rain soon so only black ice to worry over tonight no accumulation of snow.
Otherwise not sure if I should share this.
If your a bleeding heart and spoil your kids don't read on.
My child is mad at me today.
I walked in her room before school and took her tablet and gave her till next week with her phone.
Phone may be needed to record a class if she takes my advice.
She has 2- B's and 1-C and that doesn't fly with me.
I B is 2 pts from A and other is 4 pts.
Totally unacceptable and she knows this.
C is so far away I'm livid.
Disclaimer - all 3 are AP or class grade above her and she is a year younger than 95% of her current class year.
Still not acceptable.
Small things and inconsistencies are the issue mostly.
Other issue is C class is lecture style and she isn't adapting to college style.
Still no excuse.
Suggestions have been made and ignored so restrictions are in place.
She wants to go to college away from home.
I do NOT believe in funding my kids college if they don't do their job in high school.
Their job is to maintain A's and take AP classes to earn credits and scholarships.
One reason she excels in 4-H and sports as well as community service.
They are all building blocks for her character but also stepping stones to scholarships for college.
That is her job.
Same as other 2.
R paid for all college except $500.00 for books one semester.
She stayed at home because that was her choice.
She has her bachelors and is manager of retail store and has money saved for a house.
Z, no college for him, not a fit.
That's fine too but he bought a house at 23 with no help.
It was a goal from 18 and he achieved it.
He has held a fulltime job sometimes 2 since high school and is starting a power washing business.
Now it's LN's turn to shine.
She is a great kid don't get me wrong.
Just needs a reality check before she gets too sloppy.
I told her I love her but I'm not playing.
Go to school and complain your Mamma's a Bitch to your friends but get grades back on point.
Seriously not writing this for affirmations or accusations.
This is my beliefs and I'm stubborn as hell.
My kids and I may be crass, uncouth and socially unacceptable most of the time but
we sure as hell earn our way. 
I'd rather have tough kids that don't always like me than entitled ones.


  1. I'm with you all the way on this one. Even the best of kids need a very strong hand while growing up and becoming their own person. Heck, even us adults feel like slacking off now and then (when we can get away with it), but it's almost never in our best interests. LN is not grown yet nor is her beautiful brain developed to the point where she can make the best decisions. That's where good, caring, loving parents come in. It's our job to make sure they make it out of the developmental years in the best shape possible. It's not easy for them; it's not easy for us. But what you're doing needs to be done. And she knows it, too. You're a good mom.

    1. Thank you for comment MamaPea. I know it's right thing to do but dang it hurts to punish them right? In the end it pays off and this I know.

  2. Congratulations Lisa on being a good parent! It is too bad all parents don't feel that way. If they did, we wouldn't have Generations dumb-ass and lazy walking around out there.

    1. With you on that Spiderjohn. Kids she goes to school with have no rules, no expectations at all from their parents. It will bite them hard later.

  3. If you're kids aren't mad at your "punishments" then you're not doing it right :)
    She'll appreciate it (although don't try telling her this now) when she's older...and wiser, and will hopefully take the same "hard" stance you did with her with her own children.

    1. She loved me again as soon as I picked her up from school. She fixes what gets her in trouble and moves on. I love my kid.