Saturday, April 11, 2015


Over , done, complete, the lady of a certain size has sung!
Fashion Revue is over!!!!

This is the Honor Court of our county.
LN also was on the State Honor Court.

Pictures loaded willy nilly so imagine they are in order ;]`

                  LN didn't want to go on stage with all 6 coat buttons and 3 snaps and 1 hook and eye 
                                               fastened so that is why her coat is half done up.

Think her hair is long enough?
I love the back with one half pleat or folded pleat. I'm not sure the right terminology.
So icon of the era her pattern was original to.

All fastened and buttoned up with her long, long, long ponytail.

Dress picture doesn't show the color well, sorry.

A long day but successful one even though stressful.
Her award for county Honor Court was gift card to fabric store.
Ironic but so welcome!

We were back home about 10:00 pm.
Changed shoes, grabbed hoodies and went to barn.

R left at 5:00 am to drive to Ohio to feeder pig auction.
She was back in Delaware by 8:00 pm.
The 2-3 we were figuring on turned into 4 we found in the pen.
Oh well now each girl has 2.
More pens , more manure, more cleaning...
More "Fun" right? 
More on these guys/girls later...
Good Night Ya'll 

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  1. Wow, your girl knows how to work it! She's lovely . . . and her outfit is, too. Just shows to go ya, classic styles (1967 pattern!) never go out of style. Love, love, love the coat with pleat in back and short sleeves.

    Four little piggies came home from market . . . mmm, that pork is gonna taste wonderful!