Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Teasers....

Tuesday teased us with warm weather.
Regular chores were accomplished.
Windows and storms were opened.
Screen put back in front storm door.
Lambs sorted for tomorrow's sale group.
Calf was petted.
Fabric was sorted for fair projects.
Some vacuuming was completed.
Dishes were washed (finally).
Sheets were swapped for summer weight set.
Tons of little things I'm forgetting.

                  Howdy Ya'll

A model was born!!!!
Not at all.
LN was trying to teach an old dog how to pose because I always make her delete pics of me.
Not my forte for sure.
I look like my tata's are gone (and I'm constipated).
Unfortunately they are still getting in my way a lot (and I'm not).
Didn't you need to know that?

Tuesday Teasers...


  1. Ha ha, you don't look constipated, and you do look good.

    1. LN was teaching me to model pose. I flunked the exam. So not my thing as they say. I had manure on my jeans to boot. Can you imagine that on stage?

  2. You look VERY good! And you look like you're sixteen. You could/should be on the cover of a farm woman magazine. (I'm not reading your blog anymore because I hate you because you're beautiful.) ;o}

    1. Hahaha you make me laugh so hard MamaPea. I aint got time for that as the kids say! LN and I joke and laugh as we work. It helps to keep the energy up. Lots of laughs as I model posed poorly.

    2. MamaPea please don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!!!