Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Fusiness

Sounds complainy? 
Don't like my made up words? 
That's how new words get recognized by Websters.

We had steady 12+ hours of rainfall yesterday. Nice little mud pit for hogs to wallow and scratch their itches this morning.

I repeat ... I love this old barn. Almost enough to stay forever, almost.

Nice 70* slight wind day so I puttered between chores and customers.
I respray painted my sunflower iron thingy.

Reclaimed some sidewalk. Top part that is dirtier was covered in soil migrated from bed beside it.

Moved hostas from full sun (where dogwood sheltered them till we cut it down ) to eastern shadier side of house behind Nadina and Zebra striped grass.

Stuffed one under Japenese maple. Why not it might work.

Admired my annuals by spicket.

Smaller area I threw some Coleus in but I need to pull edging that was snagged by truck.

Old lilac bed is coming along but rabbits have ate off the parsley I threw in for butterflies. Sorry guys :/

Lilacs are just pretty. 

That's all folks! 
Have a good Memorial Day weekend and remember why it's celebrated.

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