Tuesday, June 16, 2015

General day....

Just a general day.
Chiropractor after morning chores then mom-n-law's so LN could clean then store for 4-H camp supplies ie: snack food and toiletries then back home. She has her week away at camp next week. Her and 2 other campers made a food list then sit it in thirds. LN had drink boxes, lollipops and nasty pop tarts. Pretty smart girls I think. I need to collect/buy goofy stuff for a box I mail her for mid week mail. I have no ideas but maybe her siblings will. 
She's busy working on as many possible fair crafts as she can this week. She entered a ton.
I pulled supplies and fabrics out for various projects. I tried to organize and put away as we went. Yesterday I altered 2 shirts and repaired another I needed to catch up because they are summer tops. 
All the thread and scraps needed to be picked up and tossed. A long mirror fell off the wall and broke last night so that needed cleaned up. A sliver left was located in my foot of course ;/  

Otherwise the vining garden is popping straight up in the air.

The plants are doing well with our sporadic rains. New growth is daily in this heat also. I can see fruit starting and flowers still growing. Tonight the humidity is supposed to drop along with the temps. The high 90's will be low 80's so I'm excited. 

The old lilac garden is almost filled in. The perennials are filling in  and even some are blooming as well. The wave petunia and sweet potato are covering the front and spilling into the yard. I'm happy with this garden. The west side garden needs weeding and mulch still and lower temps will help me accomplish that. Nightshade vines are everywhere in that garden and I pull a lot each day.

At dusk I put out another hay bale to the cows and found a birds nest near the feeder.

See the wool woven in the nest and some grape vine pieces I pruned off this spring? Very creative critters !

Chained gates up in some tall weeds/grass for ewes to crop off as the sun set. Tomorrow we'll catch and worm some of them. It's also shot day for cows as we approach breeding day Saturday.

Always something....


  1. Well, that's a pretty full "general day!" So it goes in the good ol' summertime! From dawn to dusk. Your garden and flower beds look great. I didn't plant any vining squash this year . . . don't have room when every other year I plant pickling cukes. Have to alternate them. That's okay, as we had a hard time eating (or giving away!) all the winter squash I grew last year. Lots of other things we like more.

    1. Ahh over abundance of squash is always an issue. I have pickling cucumbers grow up trellises to free up space.
      The vines are squash, zucchini , pumpkins, watermelons and cantaloupes. I only plant one or 2 of each which is more than enough if the bugs leave them alone.