Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Growing fruit, veggies and kids...

Underneath the vines things are happening.

I'm not a watermelon girl and cantaloupe is fine but I don't get crazy about it. Both are doing well which is making S happy. He is crazy over both.
I'm still picking blueberries but the end is near. I'm filling the 5th gallon bag in the freezer from my 3 bushes so I'm pleased.
I'm sure next year I'll be crying over this post .
I'm being swapped with summer squash and zucchini. Any ideas for preservation of either except grating and freezing zucchini? 
Cucumbers are being picked daily. I'm eating them fresh and pickles are on the list. 
What else?
Oh yea tomatoes! They are creeping towards ripeness. I've picked a few but lots of green showing. I'm worried it'll all come ripe during fair 24th to 31st. If so I'll be gone. I'm hoping to throw some in freezer if it's the day before or of my departure. I'll thaw and make sauce after the chaos. I miss home canned tomato sauce. It's easy and tasty during the winter to pop a top and add to the menu. It's the main reason I plant a garden at all. That and cherry tomatoes.
The rest is gravy so to speak.
I received a call this morning after dropping LN off at her counseling camp job. Next week she starts her driving with an instructor at the Y. I'm so old. My baby is almost 16. 
What happened? I blinked ....


  1. Your garden looks so good! Kids grow up fast. I have my 5th ready to get her permit, and one more to go after that.

    1. You are having a rough year Kristina. It'll roll around to me next year. That's the way it scrambles. I'm not ready for last one to grow up but she s ready.

  2. What?! You're not crazy about watermelon and cantaloupe? What's wrong witcha', girl?? If I could grow them up here (where's my very large hoop house?), I would seriously live on them from the moment they were ripe until I had eaten the very last one.

    I have a recipe for Zucchini Relish (think sweet pickle relish . . . but different) that I absolutely love. I'll be glad to send it to you if you wanna look at it.

    I had to laugh at your "I'm so old." My baby just turned 44 two days ago. Now THAT is astounding! Your life will change when LN is able to drive herself. (Sure, more worrying, but you won't spend nearly as many hours on the road!)

    1. Ill ail you some watermelon and cantaloupe MamaPea ok? Lol
      The zuke relish recipe would be appreciated. I could use it in tuna or egg salad instead of pickle relish I bet.
      LN is growing up no matter my wishes. I have to resign myself to it. I'll get there I gave no choice.