Wednesday, August 19, 2015

And Go.....

Opinions and advice wanted, be honest...

Anxiety - can't breath, throwing up, not eating, getting sick, sweating anxiety

tips, advice, experiences, anything

And go...

On a side note  this is not me that is having this issue. I'm trying to help someone else.


  1. I think you're over-tired, over-extended, over-pressured and at the end of your frayed rope, m'dear. And why shouldn't/wouldn't you be after the summer you've just had. Sounds like a bad anxiety attack. I experienced such several years ago when I was in a situation that I desperately wanted to change, had done everything I could possibly think to do, but couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. You're a very tough, strong lady (which sometimes makes the situation worse because we grit our teeth and hang in there longer than one would think it's possible) and will get through this period. In my humble opinion, it's necessary to stop putting everyone and everything ahead of yourself . . . and find a way to make whatever changes are necessary.

    Please keep in mind I'm most likely all wet and know not of what I speak. Sending love and hugs and (my form of) prayers it all gets much, much better as soon as possible.

    1. Thanks for the sweet thoughts MamaPea. It actually is not be experiencing the anxiety. I think I'm too mean for that lol. I'm trying to help someone else understand and conquer it.

    2. Well, I sure called that one wrong, didn't I? Ooops. :o/ I still say you are one mighty strong lady to do all that you do during the very busiest time of year. And to not have any ill effects from it? Yep, one very strong gal, you are.

      P.S. My first impulse when I read the post this morning was to be a smart a$$ (thinking it was you having the difficult time) and suggest you might be preggers. Would that have gone over like a lead balloon? ;o)

    3. MamaPea you would be getting to see me soon if I was preggers. I'd run away from home. I felt old enough delivering at 36 let alone over 50. Hmm I might get noticed or publicized which could bring me fame and riches , hmmmm.....