Wednesday, August 26, 2015

And so...

LN has had a stomach virus that's kicked her hard. Nothing stays down or in if ya know what I mean :/
She is out the other side and the expulsions are almost over thankfully but she's weak as a kitten.
Funny phrase cause most kittens I've know can rip you apart.
Anyhoo I stopped at drugstore for pedialite freezer pops and liquids. Hopefully she regains fast as she's in the middle of pre season and can't last very long at practices. 
I'm a mean Mom cause I say eat, drink and suck it up, buttercup.
She is not amused.  
Otherwise she got her license and jeep Monday. 

Now to learn to drive the 5 speed manual transmission. She had small lesson in our field but we need bigger area to really get it done. We have 6 months so not a major rush before she's on her own.
I learned by myself at 19 yr old at 5 am the day after I bought mine on a steep hill with a stop sign midway up where I was traveling. It took awhile but I figured it out and so will she.
Thankfully as a rule Delaware is flat.


  1. Ooof, hope LN can shake the bad bug she has quickly. Once she's back on her feet, she's gotta be careful so she doesn't have a relapse. Good luck, Mom, in making her take it easy.

    Learning to drive on a manual transmission is the best thing that can happen to a new driver. Can you imagine being out in the world and only being able to drive an automatic?

  2. I guess I wasn't aware they even made manual transmissions anymore.
    I drove one for the first 10 years--loved it. But yea, a stop sign on a hill always filled me with dread. Good luck to her!

    1. You have to order manual trans now I believe Sue. This is 16 years old. She's learning it's going to take experience but she'll get it. If not I got me a Jeep! Just kidding I think.