Sunday, August 30, 2015


Can you see us?
Way down in the back of pasture near the white dots which are the Amish farm beside us. Mom says we have to come back into the arena pasture for the night now.

Sunset is pretty.
Here we come.

Past the new wheel on the heavy gate she has to open. 
The other gate to the front lot got new hinges and mounted off the ground too. It's been few yrs in the works but better late than never.

We're slow but steady.



Aggie and Diamonds calf

Mom calls me bad names but nothing regular. I don't stay inside the fenced area. The electric isn't strong enough with blackberry vines tangled in it. That's not my fault! But that's why she doesn't let us stay out in big pasture overnight. Something about wanting to sleep undisturbed.

Fine we're all headed through gate.
Till tomorrow when we get to go back out to graze. Our corn wagon won't be filled till Tuesday. I miss the sweet corn wagon.
Your truly , Miss Agate's Sin and crew that moos!

They helped post cause I was busy pulling sweet potato vine out of my ole lilac / new garden plot.

It enjoyed this summers weird weather for sure.

The bee balm is all mildewed and moldy looking. I assume poor air circulation but am not sure.

I love this deep purply blue salvia that seeds itself.

LN seems to be recovering well. Yesterday and today she finished her summer homework in the nick of time. She ate well and introduced more food variety with everything agreeing with her system. 
School begins tomorrow. Hopefully she makes it through the days classes as her stamina needs rebuilt.
Thankfully field hockey is taking tomorrow off so she has few more days to rebuild her weight.

The tomatoes I put in the crockpot this morning are filling the house with aroma. The other crockpot has supper of pioneer beans. I'll add cornbread and make potatoes, mashed or baked fries I'm not sure yet.


  1. Might be my eyes but I sure couldn't find the moo cows in the first photo. I'd say you have them trained pretty well the way they come trundling on home at the end of the day. Nice lookin' animals!

    Glad to hear LN is feeling like she's going to make it! She couldn't afford to lose much weight so I hope she puts in back on quickly . . . and regains her strength 'cause with school starting and field hockey, too, she's gonna need all the stamina she can pull together.

    The description of the cooking aromas in your house sounded wonderful. I didn't do much cooking myself today, but I think we both are going to survive.

  2. I'm coming to your house for dinner, yum!