Saturday, August 29, 2015

Still Sick...

LN is still sick.
Sick enough her doctor wanted to admit her to hospital Thursday night.
She's had a GI infection (the flu) and has become dehydrated and lost significant weight.
She became highly upset at being in the hospital or more like getting stuck by needles.
Her doctor and I agreed to let her try to eat and drink enough by Monday to avoid that.
The doctor will check her again Monday to be sure she's recovering.
School starts Monday also.
The doctor said she has to stay away from field hockey till next week.
She's trying to eat and drink but is about 1/8th of her usual intake.
It's going to be a long haul I believe.
She's being a pain today so I'd say she's on the mend.
Dang kids...


  1. Omigosh, she really got a bad bug. I know it's almost impossible to reason with a daughter that age (I remember those times well), but if she doesn't let herself get totally back to healthy now (before stressing her body with school and sports), she's gonna feel crummy for a looooong time. She needs to give her body time to heal. On the other hand, those young'uns can get back to right as rain a whole lot faster than we "oldsters" can. Never the less, I hope you make it through all this with all of your hair intact!

    1. She has NO idea what she's doing to her Momma. Big mean kid!
      Seriously she is eating and complaining so fingers, toes, heck all things crossed she's thriving.

  2. Oh dear--she's really hanging on to whatever that is. Hope she's feeling better soon. And try to console yourself with the fact that it sounds like she's pretty dang independant....a good thing once they get out in the real world (but oh, until then, mothers thump their heads on a wall........)

  3. I missed this post. I hope she is better now. Golly, nasty viruses are going around in our area.