Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3 things and stuff

There are 3 things consuming me at the moment.
(Well actually 20 plus things but I sorted through them.)

#1. This is my view a couple days/nights each week.
The tax course is a lot of paperwork and textbooks and folders and forms, etc.
Although I've completed many forms for myself and kids over the years I am learning small thing
about federals.
This is basic course so they aren't covering what I wanted of course.
They want you to work for them so advanced course is only for employees after a few years.
State forms can kiss my behind especially PA.
DE is easy and MD tolerable but PA, seriously complicated.
#2 College search information. Scholarship information also.
The hunt is on even not having concrete course of study from LN.
A friend who lives this is helping thank heavens.
Spread sheets, emails, research and lots of questions are being weeded through.
#3 Personal Issues
I'll leave it alone because I sound silly with my issues when others are so
much worse off.
I got myself into this so I have to get myself out of it.
But not till after other things are conquered. 
Other stuffings!
The garden is weedy but no time to work on it.
A cow went on auction trailer today.
I'm sad, she was my favorite but fell last winter and never fully recovered.
No successful breeding in 2 years so she goes.
Winter would have been hard on her pinched back end.
LN's jeep has to be gotten rid of.
Serious frame issues were doctored up well by previous owner.
My mechanic found it when he was looking for something else.
I wasn't told and previous owner doesn't care if LN was hurt.
We're trying to sell it through car auction.
If not I'll private sell it but morally I struggle with this choice.
Would you?
Sell without disclosing issues?
It was done to me but .....


  1. Wow you have a lot going on. I understand the college thing. I went through that and it can consume your time searching for scholarships and such. Not sure what advice to give you on the jeep. Hm.

    1. College grr.... I want to give her the world but tuition is ridiculous Kristina as I'm sure you know.

  2. Knowing what I do of your character, I don't believe you can sell the Jeep without full disclosure. Of course, that will mean taking a loss on it. You're an honest, up-front gal and as you say, you're "Just a mom of 3 trying to do what's right!" Karma will get the previous owner for pawning an unsafe vehicle off on you.

    I have my own personal idea of what you may be up to in this phase of your life (What do they say about never assuming? I'm probably wrong!), but regardless of what it is, I gotta admire you for taking charge and following your wants, needs and desires. You go, girl! You are one determined, hard-workin' lady.

    1. You are so positive MamaPea. I am not but at least I know that and remind myself to get through the bad thoughts and move on.
      The jeep is a major disappointment but I will deal with it as best as I can.
      Class will also sort itself out.
      Personal is probably what you think. I just keeping saying "I can do this" and I will survive.