Thursday, December 15, 2016

One and...

One and done ...
LN  applied to one college for early decision.
It has a 32% acceptance rate.
She has been accepted.
She's a diplomat of Franklin and Marshall College in the fall.
So LN to one and done.
Did the research, visited 4 colleges, 2 she went back for interviews.
Had her requirements and charted their positives and negatives.
She had several close (might as well be family) advisors along with her Mama.
Made her decision and applied.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So much...

                                                   Nothing exciting here but some nose bleeds.
I had to buy a humidifier for the house.
The air is so dry LN is getting nosebleeds and S and I are always stuffed up.
Nothing exciting about that.
Otherwise just getting ready for the 25th like everyone else.
LN is waiting to hear about Early Decision to Franklin & Marshall College.
They said she would know by the 15th.
That is tomorrow and nada so far.
No snail mail or email as of todays post.
LN is not pleased.
The tension is crazy.
I do not like it.
Her whole life should not hinge on this.
This could ruin holidays or make them great.
That is a helluva seesaw to ride.

Image result for college decision images

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OK, Found em...

All the pictures I thought I lost when my laptop crashed I have found.
Apparently Google has every picture I ever downloaded from my camera.
Even what I have edited and or deleted.
Hmmm... Kinda like Big Brother is watching me.
Lil creepy...
Don't care since they are found.
Now how do I get them back on my computer?
I'm sure she'll know, she knows everything!
Techno related anyhoo, well mostly or she can figure it out.
That's frustrating to me.
I gotta figure it out meself, ya know.
One of my lost ones hahhahaha.
At least I can download to here.
Back later..
When IDK I'm heavy into scholarship mode and college app territory.
Send help please.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Will it???

Work that is....
Laptop crashed last week and new phones were week before.
I lost pictures and apps I used for this blog.
Pictures makes me sad I cant get them back but can pull from Instagram and FB for a few.
Blogger app I used doesn't seem to be there anymore so what does anyone use on their
" smart phones" to post ?
Pictures sent to email from phone have changed format also and I cant just download them to my picture file on laptop. I have no idea what is going on. They download as zip files.
I switched to sending each picture from phone separately and then it worked. Sending multiples must be grouping them in zip file.
LN and I spend 6 days in Kentucky at NAILE.
North American International Livestock Exposition
LN knew she was in deep waters showing. She still wanted the experience.

She placed in Leadline and breed classes so she was happy.

She made contacts for futures sheep she would like to purchase .
It was a long week with 2 - 12 road trips book ending the show.
Amidst the chaos while others sat around doing nothing she did homework and college app.

The Expo center had this cool light that reflected the sunset each day but was clear rest of day.

Pretty sunsets each day.

She was able to meet up twice with the boy who drove cross country to take her to prom.
They are both engrossed in conversation and pun wars which they battle at.
He lives 30 min from the expo center so he took her to dinner one night and came back the next day to hang out as well.
They both want to study Environmental Sciences in college.
LN is 5'10" J is 6'3".

During the whole trip leaving on 8th and returning on 14th late LN stressed about her
college application.
She's applying for early admission and it was due the 15th at midnight.
Her part was complete before we left but she was waiting on 2 teachers and 1 counselor recommendation to be entered.
She gave them 3 weeks and all 3 did it on the last two days.
The last one came in on the 15th at noon.
She came home to push enter on her common app and guess what?
Yep internet issues.
The app would not load past a certain part.
It's 4:30pm and she was frantic.
She called her "other Mom" L who works at DOE (Dept of Education).
L has more connections so she worked to get the app to load through a
back door she knew about.

Finally submission was complete.
My baby has applied to college.
She has an excellent backup college but has her heart set on this one so cross all appendages.
It's happening even if I'm not ready.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Expo weekend

Me & LN are home from the Delaware Livestock Expo.
It was a small show but experience counts.

LN & Charm won her showmanship class Saturday.

Sunday (today) she helped some others show their breed sheep while waiting for her breed class. 

This was a bugger of a ewe for her to control.
She fought everything LN did to her.
She won second for the owner who won first with her other ewe standing to the right of LN.

Charm was ready to roll.

She won her class.
All and all a good weekend with friends and family despite LN's expression and posture.

Friday, September 30, 2016


If God only gives me as much as I can handle
I must be the world's strongest woman!
I'll get through but dang it I don't want to deal with life sometimes.
Not in suicidal way just done with stuff being thrown at me.
No need to cheer me up or check on me.
I really am stronger than I sound.
Since that what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger
I think I'll be invincible soon!

Ima building....

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Not again

Normal left hand ...

Not normal right hand a few hours after being stung by wasp.
It itches and burns and looks like a sausage.
Not allergic but very sensitive.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Good timing...

When your day is so so and you walk past this beauty on the way to more chores it's makes me smile.

Lantana is my favorite. Never know what it will do color wise. Happy surprises...

I found these in store when I went with a friend who needed socks. Couldn't resist...

Rain cometh and dry hay waiteth...

What do you do when you need 30 more round hay bales than you have covered space for?

Ya pile em in the field and build around them of course.

        S had an idea that may work.

Build a pvc pipe structure and cover it with silage plastic.
Before you ask me...
Yes that's a fake cow there.
It's used to practice roping. It turns in a wide circle on a moter so you can ride behind it on your horse. Once it's roped and pulled snug it stops for you to get your rope back and then restarts to keep going.
            Back to hay....

There is a learning curve and potential issues involved. 

It will sweat inside which we do not want as it will cause bales to spoil. We did fold excess back on itself and tied it down. It was too dark for a picture when finished. We left enough hanging that can be closed over the ends during storms but re opened and pinned back during good weather. Hopefully air/wind can blow through preventing or minimizing mold or rot on bales. There is a bit of room down the sides but not a lot. We will see if this works today as thunderboomers and rain is crashing through and expected for next 24 hours. That is much needed rain so we are not complaining.
We have a lot of wind at our place so I'm leary of the durability to withstand that. S had a dream so we shall see.
His idea is as we deliver them about 5/6 at a time we can remove sections and fold back plastic to shorten tunnel. Eventually removing and storing it for next year if this works. 
We have another 40 bales stored under the loafing shed to use after these. The customer who contracts for them has mini horses and show stock. We have run out last few years so we are hoping this lasts awhile longer.
Fingers crossed...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Woke up to 68*

I'm a happy girl.
It's 10:00 am and 70*.
Window AC units are unplugged, curtains open and windows wide open. 
Yikes with the curtains open my house is dirty.
Time to blow out the dust and webs.
There's a nice breeze to boot. 
Time to get stuff done.
Did I mention I'm happy?

I'm sweating at 70*.
Oh well you can't beat menopause.

I'm still happy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MD State Fair

LN and I headed off to show her Lincoln Longwool lamb and help others show this past weekend.
She waited 5 hours for her class.
Not all was spent sitting on this stand though.

She placed 4th of of 8th so not great.
She learned 2 days later from a master fitter how she should have fitted her lamb.
Now she knows more and can do better next time....

She helped random exhibitors who asked.
Experience is priceless.

Just some of our DE gang in a flock class.

Setting feet in a pair class.
I told them all I see are butts when I take pictures.

LN managed a few hours of homework in between fitting and showing.
 We slept on cots in the barn in empty sheep stalls.
(I'm old just say that)
Food was in coolers and made in crockpots.
We set up right outside of our pens.
Sheep stands and afternoon naps shared space.
There were 5 families represented and we all helped each other.
Long 4 1/2 days but fun to boot.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hazy, Hot, Humid

Rinse and repeat...

Sometimes you gotta look back while going forward.
Life's proverb....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Sew I wanted to make this...

This is not seen together yet just laid out. It's the rage with new parents. The idea being babies will hold the ribbons and explore textures and even chew on them.  
Anyhow R2 asked me to make a few for Miss A and she provided materials she liked.
I thought a double layer of pink flannel with the owl fabric would give some heft to item. Sew I laid everything out and I sewed it around perimeter twice.

See the issue? 
Me too.
Frog, frog, frog or is that only knitting term for rip it the heck out?
Then reposition and sew again.
Crash, boom, bang...
A large piece of rickrack didn't like the needle.

It snapped and imbedded in the bobbin holder's plastic case.

It took quite a bit to get it to turn loose. I can now say I have cleaned my machine very well. The build up of dirt and dust was bad. The machine sighed and said thank you.
Back to blankie thing....
With clean machine and new needle I sewed again around twice.

Turned right side out and guess what?
The cute owl fabric is now sandwiched in between pink flannel pieces.
Guess what?
It's staying that way.
I did make two other ones and everything went as planned in them.

Never a dull moment in my world!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fingers Crossed for Fall ...

A storm is rolling through as I type.
Flash flood warnings are being issued.
I hope it drops humidity and issues in fall quickly.
Yesterday I drove LN and 2 friends 6 1/2 hrs to surprise a friend in New York they met through the 4-H exchange program.

They played on the swings in the park near his house where his party was.
I found the small stream and sat in the shade and soaked my feet.
The weather was comfortable 75* with no humidity.
Heaven on earth for this lady.

J was happy to see us and it was a good day.
So good he convinced us to go to a small county fair last night which put us late leaving.
The drive home was rough but we arrived back in DE after stopping at a motel at midnight.
The rate was ridiculous for the subpar rooms but we were so tired  I bit the bullet.
Today we drove back through heavy traffic.
I can't complain as we passed 15 miles of slow crawling from people leaving the beach areas.
As soon as we pulled in at home we loaded a large crate and set off again.
The weather was back to 100% humidity and 90*s in DE.
Lucky us!
LN and I drove to fetch our new ram.
After returning we sorted the ewes, treating sore feet and worming.
We changed groups around and put marking harness on the ram.
Off he went with 9 new girlfriends.
He is a January ram so young and eager but you just never know if they'll breed.
He was sniffing butts immediately so high hopes.
I filled feed barrels as the ewes have only been on pasture this summer.
 LN fed other critters in the barn as I fed outside.
As we threw new breeding group their grain the sky opened and heavy downpour ensued.
I've been keeping busy somedays watching Miss A for my son and her Mama.
I'm happy to do it and she doesn't go to daycare which they love.
She'll grow so fast I'm trying to savor this stage.