Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Feeling Meh...

LN bought a truck from an older friend.
Last night she drove it home alone.

Today she drove to school and home from practice.

I realized it was coming.
Last one mobile and looking at colleges.
It really hit me today .
The end is racing towards me.
Big changes coming.
Decisions to make for both of us.


  1. Time keeps going by and the different phases of our lives never go on forever. Bittersweet and yet the way it has to be. Will LN be going to school a distance away or staying close to home? Does she know yet?

    1. We have looked at colleges as close as an hour away to one we are visiting about 6 hours away. She so far loves the one about 3 1/2hrs away in PA. She will be studying environmental science with an Arabic minor.