Sunday, June 5, 2016

Long weekend...

It was but not because of an extra day. Just because of chores involving hard work.
LN had her second SAT test while I worked at out feed store. After we closed we went to several graduation parties. Not hard work but it took hard work to fill those cards. Next weekend there are more to attend. 
Today me and LN went to pick up the Lincoln Longwool lamb she bought. Let the wool breed begin residing and thriving here. We stopped for grilled vinegar style chicken lunch before that job. It took a lil work but it's enjoyable work.
When we returned home and settled Charm (the ewe lamb's name) down LN took off to the house to attack some homework projects. It's her last week of school.
I headed to unload shavings. There was a livestock show Saturday near us but no time to attend. We took the f550 with the 10 ft flat bed down to have the ring shavings loaded. It's free with very little waste mixed in. 

That's a full mounded over funnel wagon in the foreground. It was 2/3 rds of the load. I shoveled 50 feed bags full of the rest. 6-7 full corn shovel loads to each bag. 

No, I have no pictures of the bags because I am too tired to care.
After that I filled feeders and waterers in 3 areas/pens for 9 new pullets, 15 meat birds and regular layers. While that happened I let hogs out to wonder and walk. They followed me ever curious about my chores.

It was overcast with a slight breeze so they didn't overheat thankfully.


I'm off to shower and hit the hay early. 


  1. Lawsy, gal, you must be tough as nails and twice as strong. I thought I worked hard today . . . but now I realize in comparison to you, I was lying on the couch eating bon-bons. My hat's off to you, Super Woman!

    1. You exhaust me too. I think you work nonstop and with a positive attitude as well. I guess it's all your own perspective on things.