Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hazy, Hot, Humid

Rinse and repeat...

Sometimes you gotta look back while going forward.
Life's proverb....

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Sew I wanted to make this...

This is not seen together yet just laid out. It's the rage with new parents. The idea being babies will hold the ribbons and explore textures and even chew on them.  
Anyhow R2 asked me to make a few for Miss A and she provided materials she liked.
I thought a double layer of pink flannel with the owl fabric would give some heft to item. Sew I laid everything out and I sewed it around perimeter twice.

See the issue? 
Me too.
Frog, frog, frog or is that only knitting term for rip it the heck out?
Then reposition and sew again.
Crash, boom, bang...
A large piece of rickrack didn't like the needle.

It snapped and imbedded in the bobbin holder's plastic case.

It took quite a bit to get it to turn loose. I can now say I have cleaned my machine very well. The build up of dirt and dust was bad. The machine sighed and said thank you.
Back to blankie thing....
With clean machine and new needle I sewed again around twice.

Turned right side out and guess what?
The cute owl fabric is now sandwiched in between pink flannel pieces.
Guess what?
It's staying that way.
I did make two other ones and everything went as planned in them.

Never a dull moment in my world!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fingers Crossed for Fall ...

A storm is rolling through as I type.
Flash flood warnings are being issued.
I hope it drops humidity and issues in fall quickly.
Yesterday I drove LN and 2 friends 6 1/2 hrs to surprise a friend in New York they met through the 4-H exchange program.

They played on the swings in the park near his house where his party was.
I found the small stream and sat in the shade and soaked my feet.
The weather was comfortable 75* with no humidity.
Heaven on earth for this lady.

J was happy to see us and it was a good day.
So good he convinced us to go to a small county fair last night which put us late leaving.
The drive home was rough but we arrived back in DE after stopping at a motel at midnight.
The rate was ridiculous for the subpar rooms but we were so tired  I bit the bullet.
Today we drove back through heavy traffic.
I can't complain as we passed 15 miles of slow crawling from people leaving the beach areas.
As soon as we pulled in at home we loaded a large crate and set off again.
The weather was back to 100% humidity and 90*s in DE.
Lucky us!
LN and I drove to fetch our new ram.
After returning we sorted the ewes, treating sore feet and worming.
We changed groups around and put marking harness on the ram.
Off he went with 9 new girlfriends.
He is a January ram so young and eager but you just never know if they'll breed.
He was sniffing butts immediately so high hopes.
I filled feed barrels as the ewes have only been on pasture this summer.
 LN fed other critters in the barn as I fed outside.
As we threw new breeding group their grain the sky opened and heavy downpour ensued.
I've been keeping busy somedays watching Miss A for my son and her Mama.
I'm happy to do it and she doesn't go to daycare which they love.
She'll grow so fast I'm trying to savor this stage.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ok then

Spouse 1:
Would you go to marriage counseling with me?

Spouse 2:
If there is something you can fix I will

Spouse 1:
I can fix?

Spouse 2:

Spouse 1:
That is not what therapy is about. It's about fixing problems not affixing blame on one person or the other.

Spouse 2:
Then what's the point?

Spouse 1:
Forget I asked.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Friday and Saturday

Friday started early for LN and me. 
5:30 am is too dang early for me. It was already 80° that early. It climbed to 100° by noon.
Anyhow... Off to Franklin and Marshall on another visit. This time an interview was included. LN said it went great.

Her other momma went with us. She is alot of help and assures me we can handle the scholarship process successfully. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.
Maybe I should start a go fund me or beg on here for donations? 
Please send as much as you can as soon as you can!!! 
Unless she doesn't get in and/or finances are too rough I believe she has made her choice.

Afterwards we headed to another college to visit J who is moving into her new digs for her junior year. LN grabbed the quilt I made J for her freshman year. Guess it's time to start LN's quilt.
It was a fun day not withstanding the upcoming heartbreak of my youngest heading out soon.

Today was brutal heat again.
LN helped out at the local orchards customer appreciation day handing out free peach ice cream.
Now she's off to a small town carnival with friends.

I went after another load of corn for the cows near supper time. The dirt road ride is pretty and quiet. 

I'm going to end my day with a movie and some Olympics.

Guess I should learn to accept the solitude approaching faster than I'm ready for.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

10 to 1

There was a rare sighting of my son today. Not rare as in I don't see him but rare as in I had my phone camera to snap a far away shot. He doesn't like pictures taken. 
He came yesterday to spray fence lines not because I ask but because he thought they needed it. Today he brought his almost fil 's backhoe and took out the blackberries everywhere and some trees growing on the garden edge blocking sun. Spent few hours in 95* weather and didn't ask for anything in return. I gave him water during and a chicken salad sandwich and some drinks afterwards. 
For every one spot of trouble he has caused me (and he was damn good at trouble in his younger days too) he has done 10 spots of good for no reason.
I'd put my son up against any kid that's never caused a lick of grief and he'd come out ahead in my book.
The trials and tribulations of his youth have grown him into a hard working great father and man.

Course with this cuteness it's hard not to be a good dad. 
His experiences with the "men" in his life that should have been good role models has been dismal and that's my fault. I chose wrong but that's another story. No matter though he's righting the wrongs and moving always upwards. 
I'm not gonna lie I'm crying with pride right now.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Same ole...

My view .... again 

Me and my girl went to DE state fair. The weeds decided to go crazy.

My favorite tank from MD Sheep and Wool festival is almost rags but I still love it.

I waited till late afternoon to start so I enjoyed the sunset sky as I finished one field.

Fair was good. More low key than normal with hogs and sheep but no cattle. Still busy each day though with contests and shows.

LN bought a Lincoln lamb so she learned to fit it from a friend. Miss A visited and I babysat her one day. She s a cutie .

Shearing in 100* weather was not fun.

George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers concert rocked. Let me just say a contact high may have occurred . Some powerful aromas were floating through my seating area. I was 8 rows back. That man still has it. Well worth the ticket cost. 

Alabama was the opposite. Very mellow and easy. I loved it also. I like most music. The tickets for Alabama were free as a neighbor could not attend due to illness.

Beautiful sunsets were seen.

LN was chosen as the new DE State Teen Council President. She was excited.

LN was exhausted as was I. We will recover and go again next year.

Pictures are from my phone so poor quality. I have camera ones but am too lazy to post.
I will soon.