Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Sew I wanted to make this...

This is not seen together yet just laid out. It's the rage with new parents. The idea being babies will hold the ribbons and explore textures and even chew on them.  
Anyhow R2 asked me to make a few for Miss A and she provided materials she liked.
I thought a double layer of pink flannel with the owl fabric would give some heft to item. Sew I laid everything out and I sewed it around perimeter twice.

See the issue? 
Me too.
Frog, frog, frog or is that only knitting term for rip it the heck out?
Then reposition and sew again.
Crash, boom, bang...
A large piece of rickrack didn't like the needle.

It snapped and imbedded in the bobbin holder's plastic case.

It took quite a bit to get it to turn loose. I can now say I have cleaned my machine very well. The build up of dirt and dust was bad. The machine sighed and said thank you.
Back to blankie thing....
With clean machine and new needle I sewed again around twice.

Turned right side out and guess what?
The cute owl fabric is now sandwiched in between pink flannel pieces.
Guess what?
It's staying that way.
I did make two other ones and everything went as planned in them.

Never a dull moment in my world!


  1. Great idea for the clever holdy-thingy for little Miss A. And why is it that the simplest projects don't go as smoothly as one would think they would? That was a nasty impalement of the bobbin case! Hope it didn't do any serious damage such as bending anything out of shape. Kinda reminds me of a gal I knew who put a machine needle all the way through the nail of her index finger. If I recall that was hard to get out, too. (Eee-yowie, hurts to even think about that.)

  2. Owww that hurts to hear too. Luckily I stopped right away. No harm I can see or sew lol. I sewed several more with no issue. My machine needs to go to shop for tuneup as I know the button hole stop "thingey" is broken. I don't know whatelse but they will ��