Tuesday, September 6, 2016

MD State Fair

LN and I headed off to show her Lincoln Longwool lamb and help others show this past weekend.
She waited 5 hours for her class.
Not all was spent sitting on this stand though.

She placed 4th of of 8th so not great.
She learned 2 days later from a master fitter how she should have fitted her lamb.
Now she knows more and can do better next time....

She helped random exhibitors who asked.
Experience is priceless.

Just some of our DE gang in a flock class.

Setting feet in a pair class.
I told them all I see are butts when I take pictures.

LN managed a few hours of homework in between fitting and showing.
 We slept on cots in the barn in empty sheep stalls.
(I'm old just say that)
Food was in coolers and made in crockpots.
We set up right outside of our pens.
Sheep stands and afternoon naps shared space.
There were 5 families represented and we all helped each other.
Long 4 1/2 days but fun to boot.


  1. Have to ask 'cause I have no idea . . . what does "fitting her lamb" mean?

  2. Each type of sheep - i.e.: Suffolk, Hampshire , Lincoln, etc. and there are a lot more have a type they should look like.
    Lincolns have long curls of wool. It needs to be rinsed softly a few weeks before a show. No agitation or soap just water till it runs clear.
    A day or two before show products are sprayed on or wiped through to help sheen and softness of wool. Wool is fitted with hand shears to enhance shape of neck and legs as well as to camouflage bad areas.
    It's a process with different ways for different breeds and owners. This is a quick answer. It can be very involved.

    1. Gotcha! Sure is interesting to learn (at least a little bit) what all these different things entail. (There sure is a lot I don't know!) Thanks for taking the time to explain! Hugs.

  3. Wow, that looks like fun! Camping out at the stalls. I bet you meet nice folks that way too.

    1. It is uncomfortable but cost effective lol we did meet good folks at the show also

  4. She did a good job over all. My two were in 4H and open shows. When Fall hits I miss that week at the county fair. Even though by weeks end I was thankful for food without alfalfa in it and a bed to sleep upon. Love your blog.

    1. I'm lucky in Delaware at our state fair we can bring our camper and hook it to water and electric. We have no county fairs since we are so small.