Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Will it???

Work that is....
Laptop crashed last week and new phones were week before.
I lost pictures and apps I used for this blog.
Pictures makes me sad I cant get them back but can pull from Instagram and FB for a few.
Blogger app I used doesn't seem to be there anymore so what does anyone use on their
" smart phones" to post ?
Pictures sent to email from phone have changed format also and I cant just download them to my picture file on laptop. I have no idea what is going on. They download as zip files.
I switched to sending each picture from phone separately and then it worked. Sending multiples must be grouping them in zip file.
LN and I spend 6 days in Kentucky at NAILE.
North American International Livestock Exposition
LN knew she was in deep waters showing. She still wanted the experience.

She placed in Leadline and breed classes so she was happy.

She made contacts for futures sheep she would like to purchase .
It was a long week with 2 - 12 road trips book ending the show.
Amidst the chaos while others sat around doing nothing she did homework and college app.

The Expo center had this cool light that reflected the sunset each day but was clear rest of day.

Pretty sunsets each day.

She was able to meet up twice with the boy who drove cross country to take her to prom.
They are both engrossed in conversation and pun wars which they battle at.
He lives 30 min from the expo center so he took her to dinner one night and came back the next day to hang out as well.
They both want to study Environmental Sciences in college.
LN is 5'10" J is 6'3".

During the whole trip leaving on 8th and returning on 14th late LN stressed about her
college application.
She's applying for early admission and it was due the 15th at midnight.
Her part was complete before we left but she was waiting on 2 teachers and 1 counselor recommendation to be entered.
She gave them 3 weeks and all 3 did it on the last two days.
The last one came in on the 15th at noon.
She came home to push enter on her common app and guess what?
Yep internet issues.
The app would not load past a certain part.
It's 4:30pm and she was frantic.
She called her "other Mom" L who works at DOE (Dept of Education).
L has more connections so she worked to get the app to load through a
back door she knew about.

Finally submission was complete.
My baby has applied to college.
She has an excellent backup college but has her heart set on this one so cross all appendages.
It's happening even if I'm not ready.


  1. I've had two kids transfer colleges since they started. I'm expecting the last two girls will do exactly what they want to school for, so hopefully, no more transfers. Sounds like you've had your share of electronic issues.

    1. Kristina we have had 2 other kids go to college. Luckily they have stayed with their majors from day 1. One went out of state and completed at the same school. My other daughter used SEED program for two years locally at a satelitte then transferred to finish her Bachelors. Her campuses were all within 20 mi of home. She lived at home for all 4 yrs