Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OK, Found em...

All the pictures I thought I lost when my laptop crashed I have found.
Apparently Google has every picture I ever downloaded from my camera.
Even what I have edited and or deleted.
Hmmm... Kinda like Big Brother is watching me.
Lil creepy...
Don't care since they are found.
Now how do I get them back on my computer?
I'm sure she'll know, she knows everything!
Techno related anyhoo, well mostly or she can figure it out.
That's frustrating to me.
I gotta figure it out meself, ya know.
One of my lost ones hahhahaha.
At least I can download to here.
Back later..
When IDK I'm heavy into scholarship mode and college app territory.
Send help please.....


  1. Gorgeous daughter you have there. But you know that.

    Sending strength to you concerning the college related work. Ooof. They say help (scholarships) is out there for the right kids (and I know LN is one of them) so keep at it.

    The second pic . . . is that what you call bathroom humor?? Hahahaha!

    1. She finds out in 10 days if she was accepted to her college of choice. We are tag teaming on scholarships each doing their parts.
      That elf gadget annoys me so I'd just as soon flush him lol. Why do parents need to dream up these kind of fantasies/lies for their kids?