Saturday, February 25, 2017


                Cement happened today.                    It was 70° in February.     A major thunderstorm just ripped through Delaware. I know one small roof is mangled and now resides in a tree here. It had issues      before . This was a whopper for sure. Last night me and both chickies sewed hems on R's work slacks. 3 needles, 3 peeps, 3 pairs of pants hemmed. Success and family time.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


I had a ewe with large bag (seemed like edema) I've been watching closely. I put her up last night in big stall inside so she could birth alone if needed. I checked her at 4:30. Nothing, laying down chewing and breathing normal. I came inside and read. Went out about 7:45 and found two rams. One up and hunting for breakfast. Her udder has so much swelling he will struggle to get some but hopefully he persists. If not I'll help soon. The other ram was huge but dead. She cleaned him off but no life.  I feel guilty. I don't like going out early yo feed on Sundays. As soon as I open the door everyone starts screaming. S gets in late Saturday from an auction he goes too. I let him sleep in some if I can.  What if I was out earlier to check instead of worrying about him or finishing one more chapter in my book? I know, I know but ... Just sad... I struggle with this as I only have smaller size flock. I might not notice if I had more? Yesterday the guys building S's garage came back. After an hour one side of roof was mostly done. By days end the siding up to eaves was done on three sides. I left at noon to go work for CPA till 6pm. I see they left skid steer so maybe they will be back Monday with it being holiday. The young man in charge works for another contractor so he only works here on Saturdays so far.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Might have...

Figured this mobile app out. Beautiful sunset tonight in Delaware. Lots is happening but too busy to post I guess. That sunset view which LN and I love is changing. This 3 bay building is replacing it. S is having it built to store his trash/treasures in it. I'm a little witchy about it. The shed it replaces is in bad shape. It wouldn't be if maintenance was done on it. S doesn't do that hence my irritation.  I'm am being allowed to park our fair camper in one bay. I'm sure crap/treasures/important stuff will be piled around it. Enough negativity. Speaking of the camper it has a leak. I have a friend trying to help find it and repair it. Fingers crossed it's simple. I know one outside storage compartment has damage but we will work on it. Still creeping along on the sock knitting. I'm working on the heel flap. It's slow progress but steady. Lambing is winding down. 2 ewes left , one a first timer which is 50-50 whether she'll be ok and an experienced one who needs to step it up. I'm tired of getting up to check her. Miss A is growing and progressing. She's a tiny thing but so adorable. Almost 10 months old and pulling herself up on everything and everyone. I still help watch her when I can to avoid daycare. None of us are fans for various reasons. Scholarships apps are piling up on my table. This next two months will be crazy trying to fill out everything in time. LN's counselor isn't helping. She is slow filling her requests for transcripts and recommendations. I know she's busy but we give her 3x the lead time she asks for. It's very stressful when she fills out a large amount. I'm working 25-30 hours a week at a cpa's office during tax season. This is in addition to our business and lambing and college stuff and soccer season, etc. Yikes what was I thinking?