Monday, April 23, 2012


On Saturday at 4-H Fashion Revue I was responsible for coming up with a craft to occupy 28 girls.
I googled pincushions and made up kits for this one...
It should look like watermelon slice, bad picture I'm sorry, next ones are better.
It was easy to assemble, few minutes even for kids with just bit of hand sewing to finish it off.
I cut strips of wool from former projects and assembled kits for each child.
The strips can range from 1" to 2" , I chose 1 1/2" , that seemed most proportional to my eyes
but what do I know? 
Just start rolling up red tightly inserting black "seeds" as you go according to your eyes. The seeds just lay on red making one end even with top edge so they show as you continue to roll tightly.

Keep rolling, adding on white then green for the rine. Just butt up next colors to previous ones.
Whip stitch closed and flatten roll with your hand, if it's not sitting flat trim accordingly.
TaDa, finished! As always click to enlarge pics.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's been raining , a soaking in rain for 24 hrs now.
Our gauge says 2 inches at this point.
The land is happy ;p  and so am I. LN didn't like her soccer game postponed but she got to spend time with her sis's husband working cows, eating ice cream at Creamery near beach so she's content.
The dust was horrendous already in April so nice change.
I dumped water out of feed pans and coaxed everyone outside to enjoy it as well as me.
All market animals have inside pens with access to outside areas so they are dry but some breed animals prefer outside pens.
Less cleaning , better air circulation as well so that's a bonus with me.
S is making supper. It's smokey in here but he's trying.
After a "discussion" recently of issues he listened to most of it. I said maybe you could cook once in awhile and not ordering pizza or chinese either. I mentioned I cook from scratch and am trying to avoid processed foods as well. Bread, pasta and potatotes are hip expanders for me I said
so I'm limiting how much I eat of those items.
 He's burning frying potatoes, making processed chicken/pineapple bagged skillet thing and fresh steamed asparagus. Small steps so I won't complain as I only eat asparagus
My throat is so sore, maybe allergies but I don't put much stock into meds so I'll deal with it as best I can each spring. Doesn't last long so that's a plus. Maybe some honey lemon tea?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Long Day but a Goodie

Today at last it's 4-H County Fashion Revue!
LN jumped out of bed excited.
She didn't need to be there till 1:00pm to help set-up with me. Her judging interview was at 2:00pm.
After that she made a wool pincushion craft with me, had 2 dress rehersals, did swing judging test,
had supper and finally had her fashion part of contest.
Wanna know how she did?
She won her division OVERALL!
Does she look excited? I took picture earlier in the day but she was more happy after than this shows.
Not bad for over 40 hours work and alot of dollars.
She's already planning next years outfit.
I've created a monster but I love her and am proud of her!

Coming home at 9:30pm to a downpour and feeding animals in it was less than amusing.
We needed it so bad though, a drought was occuring.
It's still raining so let's home it continues and helps the crops and ground.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wish her Luck!!!!

You just never know when I download mynNikon CoolPix point and click what I'll find.
I was trying to photograph LN's outfit before I take it to be judged.
This popped up instead...
and this...
before I found the pics I wanted
It's so hard to take a picture now with the curtains down and no natural light on the plaid
It's such a heavy coat, LN loves it, too bad it's 80* inside at 11:00am :/
Her tan pants are crisply (is that a word) ironed and steamed
This is reallll badddd pic, this blouse is dark blue and ruffly!
I'll take them to be construction judged this afternoon with a 10 pages entry form.
On Saturday I hope I get a better picture of entire outfit on LN at the interview and fashion contest.
My non girly girl  aka tomboy did a great job.
Wish her luck!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tired of Sewing

I'm tired of sewing!
I started sewing at 8 am , ended at 5 pm with a 14 yr old newbie to sewing.
Her sundress was completed with only a hem to sew in.
Hem was pinned and ironed and few inches stitched,
I'm done in. I would hate being a teacher. I'm bad at it.
I could not repeat myself over and over.
A straight line is not rocket science.
Seam ripping same seam 4 x is wrong!
I'm tired.

I did shortened 3 pair of Baseball pants for neighbor.
Yuck! That polyester/knit crap is horrible.
My "NEW TO ME" Janome 6600 didn't mine though.
I also sewed up a seam in another girls soccer jacket. She caught it on something.
It was fun to play with the stretch knit overlock .
I think I'll love this machine.
I should for the price even though trade in and reduced.

LN has to finish her handsewing on her outfit. Various little things need completed
like hook/eye, chaining lining, good pressing, etc.
I'm excited though.
3 months of hard work. I hope she does well in her contest.
Next Monday she turns it in to be construction judged and next Saturday
she competes in interview and fashion show.
Fingers crossed.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Just wanna know?
Why Why Why is it my responsibility to police people I send checks to for the IRS?
Seriously pisses (yes I said it) me off that I have to do their job!
My CPA did my taxes late (cause of me ;[  ) and drops this on me.
Apparentently IRS wants free manpower.
I have to tell them everyone and businesses I paid $600.00 or more to each year and
serve them with 1090's.
What a pain. I have checks proving my end but IRS wants me to
identify each receipient for them.
Gosh ( or a worse word) do your own job.
Sorry bout the rant but drives me nuts.
I'd love a job where someone else did my work.
If you know of one please tell me!
Maybe I'll apply to IRS!

Kid Power

A pallet making business an hour away allows up to buy shavings cheaply so much better than straw or baled shavings. It's absorbant and doesn't leave skin irratations if steers and pigs lay on them
all day like the other 2 do. 
What's a Mom to do when all this 4 ft deep shavings needs to go in here...
an empty funnel wagon?
Why Kid Power of course!

Shovel Shovel Shovel!
Hehehehehe and no I didn't make them shovel alone, I helped!
Gosh LN is so slow I had too or we would have been shoveling in the dark!

She insisted on her field hockey goggles though !
In the end a nice full load of shavings for their show animals, tada!
I don't think they were too upset either by all the goofy around before, during and after!
So I had me a lamb break. So cute and curious!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!
May all your bunnies poopout Jelly Beans!
All your lambs be Chocolate!
And all your Egg Hunts successful!

I know the real meaning and I hope you do too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mental Case

Yep I'm officially being committed today.
Please Please Please!
LN driving me bonkers. R came up and since 1:00 pm when LN came home from school
we ate lunch then 
we have caught and walked both calves. Brushed mama cows. Cleaned and walked pigs and their pen.
Cleaned steer and heifer pen. Washed and blew out steer and heifer.
Argued, whined, goofed off, I don't wanna, I can't, I'm cold , I'm tired, etc,etc, etc.
Most of the above was from LN. She looked happy when she started out!
Get over, Deal with it, Just get it done!
I'm ready to scream!
It doesn't help that R & I weaned lambs and kids this morning either.
Silence of the lambs? I think not.
Oh well at least extra chores are done so LN can enjoy her Easter break for a few days.
She'll only have to feed and water and walk everyone 2x a day. Easy Peasy!
What a mean Mom!