Monday, June 17, 2019

Dog Days have arrived...

with 95% humidity on average for the peninsula.
{I am dog sitting this week again for this munchin.}
Yeah Delmarva we need the mold, mildew and nastiness!
Life has to continue though.

Animals need fed but seriously the boys need grain not cat food.
Alice is my barn chore cat.
She is always there to supervise me.
The ram seems to love her and grooms her.

Since I was already drenched in sweat Saturday evening I decided to clear the last 50 ft of 
blackberry canes off the electric road fence.
I have the scars to prove it on my arms and legs.

A bit of cutting and dragging canes out then push mowing the rest of weeds down.
Def looks better now to keep up with it.
Blackberries taste good some years but are never fun to be around.
I am done with them and have a few more spots to clear.
I have frozen the ripe ones but only have a few cups worth.

The wave petunia looks good now but the heat will be too much for this pot.
I can not water enough to keep it going in july and august.
I did ground plant some so hopefully they will be better this summer.

Tonight a faded rainbow showed through after a weak rain shower came through.
I must say we have had a ton of rainbows this last month or so.
No wonder since rain has shown up almost daily.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

And so it continues....

Dammit to Haities and beyond...
I dropped a steel sheep stand on my foot over the weekend.
Trying to fix the jack and spring , it collapsed on my foot.
The neighbors decided to build too close to the barn property line.
It is not my fault they learned new words after the "incident".

Yes I was wearing shoes at the time but shortly thereafter I could not.
Hurts like nothing I have ever felt before and trust me I have had some major doozies.
That is 3 layers of nail polish the blackness popped through within 15 min.

It is broken at least in the toe , maybe the bones below toe also.
Too much swelling to determine.
Nope, not bothering with doctor because the most they will do is walking boot and 
"Shocker of shockers" I own one already and ya can't get stuff done with one on.
Much icing and elevating has ensued.
Not much garden planting or anything else has ensued.
It may be the fall till I plant anything.
Regular chores are being hobbled through and feed store work is happening slowly.

I did mow the field off by propping my foot up on the side of the tractor.
I'm classy like that.
The fence guys are due within 2-3 weeks and it needed done so i done did it.
I'd give up but it wouldn't help at this point.
Onwards and sideways (I hope not downwards) cause I guarantee it wont be upwards!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Not all doom and Gloom I swear...

My life is not all tragedy and I hope I didn't make any readers think this.
I was having a "spell" !
Yeah, yeah, yeah let's call it a "spell".
I have decided to ignore my life's big picture and focus on each hour.
If I get through that one the next one will be there to deal with etc, etc.
Yesterday I finally spread manure on the garden.

With another till in I will be able to plant something this year.
Too late for peas however my S2 my son n law will be bringing me a 5 gallon bucket out of his familys' combine.
Just some cleaning of debris and then packing away in freezer for winter time goodness.
I am not sure if the videos play so someone let me know please.
I updated my Mac and pictures are not were they were so I am on a mission later to find them.

Better late than never as they say.
Who is "they"?
I have always wondered.

I also sent S to fetch a scoop of mulch.
Which I spread so that made me feel alot better about some garden beds anyhow.
He can drive so that gave him a job.
He also used the tractor to take scoops of horse and sheep manure down to the garden 
and drop me piles to spread by hand.

Hopefully the flowers go on and spread out a bit now with some water to keep them happy.

I have to decide if I want to keep the butterfly bush on the right side or dig it out again.
They do take over.

I have tried to kill this rose vine for 25 years.
I do not like the thorns and don't want to spray the leaves which are riddled with holes.
I think it's time to embrace this tough survivor.
I threw up a support and wove the prickly vines through it.
Maybe it is my spirit plant???

Friday, May 24, 2019

Sorry Charlie.....

I just do not feel like posting.
I dropped a heavy stone and pinched my little finger today.
The nail is black already.
My left foot has plantar fasciitis and hurts to walk.
I have bought 2 expensive pairs of shoes, a brace, a sleeve and inserts that is suppose to help.
So far a modicum of relieve but no steady help.
Some days I hobble like a 100 year old.
Next is my right knee which I knocked into a steel bar on a sheep feeder right on my kneecap.
The swelling has been crazy but mostly gone.
I have braces I wear for the worst of it and when I know I will be straining it.

Examples are sheep shearing or loading the delivery truck with several tons of feed.

 This was a light load.
Now it is stiff and shoots nerve like pains ever so often with no warning.
No I am not going to doctor, it will heal well enough with time to be tolerable.
No health insurance for me as it's just too expensive.
The yearly fine is less than one months premiums for me.
If I go for emergency care I pay out of pocket.
Right now I am too busy to go anyhow as S has had surgery on prostate and can not lift anything for 6-8 weeks along with ongoing complications.
He does have health insurance but it won't cover enough.
That leaves me to do it all in our busiest season yet on top of personal growth in sheep world.
Most days I triple my average amount of steps according to fitbit.
I know I go for a steady 12 hours a day or more.
That which doesn't kill ya and all.
Right now I'd take a solid 24 hours of restorative sleep.

I am not whining or looking for sympathy just stating why I am not posting.

I leave you with a sea glass blown pig from the Bahamas that a friend brought me.

Monday, May 13, 2019


 This weekend was filled with RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.
A reoccurring theme I am so tired of.

I had a try at visible mending last night.
A comfortable pair of jeans ripped in a bad spot.
So I decided to try something new.

 Hopefully I will like it and it will let me wear this pair awhile longer.
I have alot of blue shirts so the color choice was easy.
I also wear most shirts long enough to cover this area.
There was another smaller tear on the other pocket that I repaired as well.
Frugal, cheap, thrifty... whatever you call it I tried it.

Mothers day was spent . with these cuties as well as their brothers text wishing me a good day.
We hit the outlets for retail therapy.
LN was home for the weekend and without being able to shear because of rain
shopping took priority.

I have had a heck of a time walking without pain the last few months.
Plantar Fasciitis is my best guess.
So new shoes from R with a better arch support and an arch sleeve was acquired to test out.
Next time I need to find a pair of summer shoes as well.

LN ordered me some truthful gifts.
I do not have ugly children.
The socks are just fun and reflective of a personal joke we have in our family.

Saturday we celebrated this kids 3rd birthday.

She is a hoot and loved all the friends that attended and her cake.

Her Mama had such fun decorating in the "tea and tutus" theme.
You should note the tattoo Miss A has on her arm.
She's a rebel, albeit a young one.

I hope Z and R2 know how lucky they are.
She's a feisty, sassy, silly girl.

It has been a rough week of long days and nights working extra in the rain.

I am tired of trying to pile feed inside the cab during downpours.
I am 5'2" and trying to throw bags over my head is no fun ever.

I know it will dry out soon and I'll wish for rain but right now ....
Please stop!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Ask me...

how today went.
I dare ya!
It went sh*tty.
It seems some lambs have bacterial issue .
I had to catch all who are not handled as much as they should be.
They were then brutally held down by a monster and forced to swallow toxic poisons.
Or so their loud constant screaming would suggest.
However I gave them meds and need to repeat for next few days.
Oh joy...
At the same time a ewe stuck her head through a cattle panel and stayed stuck for a time.
When I noticed I freed the *%$#%^ Ewe.
She thanked me by spewing diarrhea everywhere.
Most likely from stress but I dosed her with meds as well.
They are some namby pamby little beasts for sure.
At the slightest sign of change or stress they lose their minds.
She stuck her head through the panel not me.
Of course I may have be a little rough getting her unstuck as she slammed my fingers repeatedly.
Otherwise today was a good day.
I saw a friend and caught up over lunch.
And then to end my day I mowed my lawn.
So exciting NOT.
My neighbor lives to mow.
He mows at least 3 times a week.
So often you cannot see any lines of progress to follow.
Please tell me why?
What purpose it serves to have butchered grass ? 
In the heat of the summer it turns brown from excessive mowing.
I like to walk bare feet in my taller grass.
He is not impressed and mows a little more of the separating ditch line each time.
Go right ahead, no skin off my back.
Off my lawn, well yes.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Summer Heat

It would seem we skipped Spring and went to Mid-Summer weather in DE.
The nights are cooler which is spring but days are already approaching 80* most days.
Tarnation, drat, phooey....

Today I scurried to get some before summer jobs started but alas I had issues.
The riding mower battery isn't staying charged and I forgot and shut it off 
therefore I had to be towed out of the pasture .
It is on the list to check alternator and/or battery to fix.
I didn't complete all the riding mower work because of above.

Then I switched to the tractor and we hooked up the mower and off I went.
The pasture could wait some more but buttercups are starting and grass heads are up also.
I figured I'd mow it off and then pasture the ewes after weaning and after the fencing job that is coming up to divide the large pastures into three sections for better rotation of grasses.
But alas and anon to be.
After 3-4 passes which didn't constitute 1/4 of total area I heard a "metal" grating sound.
I looked back and saw the sleeve of the mower PTO shaft and part of the shaft flying off .
I watched as it sheared into 4 pieces while trying to shut the PTO off and the blades.
So thats a repair that will stall the mowing a bit longer.

I did get to start the enormous 8 yr old at least burn pile roaring.
I am a pyromaniac at heart.
I watched it and kept it controlled after alerting 911 I was burning in case some moron  concerned citizen called in.
We have had that happen.
It is visibly out but will probably smolder all night.

At least something was accomplished today.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Just gotta sometimes...

... get off some money to do it right.
I have reached the stage where I am tried of rigging everything.
I need to spend money on a new shearing machine for our sheep.
I am tired of piecing things together.
Here's to smoking my charge card.

The flowers are still pretty but won't last long in this heat.
80* in April is ridiculous.
I am over this spring weather.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Season stopper...

Nice set of lambs out of first timers on both parents.
The ram was only 7 months old and small but he got the job done after a few heats.
Momma was a yearling when bred.
The lambs are big and healthy.
The yellow one was first and is a ewe.
The boy was 15 min later and a bit smaller but still nice sized.

Up and at em...
The milk spickets that is.
He is a cutie.

Mom went right to work cleaning them up.
What a way to usher in the night (1:30 am).
As long as everyone survived and is healthy I am happy.
I will sleep well tonight I imagine.
All over for another year.
5 ewes bred, all took.
8 lambs
2 rams
6 ewes
3 Border Leicesters
1 ram
2 ewes
All White
5 Lincoln Longwools
1 white Lincoln ram
4 Black/Natural ewes
What a jumbled list but wait till I have to arrange show season pens and pastures for all.
Young and Old...


Image result for sheep jumping fence graphics

Monday, March 25, 2019

Reminding myself...

Between lambing and working part time doing taxes on top of my fulltime business I am beat.
It is only for a few more weeks I keep reminding myself.
Only 1 lamb to go I keep reminding myself.

They are so cute I get over being tired quickly.

 I still have alot of a friend's plants as she doesn't have enough room in your temporary digs.
I have never had an orchis before .
There are 2 small ones and if you look close to the pot you can see a bloom.
This is a west facing window which seems to be the key for blooming.
I have played around with the plants I don't have experience with.
I have found a few that prefer the west windows more.
I will try to take a better photo. 
The bloom is so pretty.
Maybe I will forget to return this one ;-]`

A very "sweet lady" gifted me a spool string of lights for my sewing room.
So cute I almost want to move them around with me in every room.
MamaPea you are such a nice lady and so thoughtful.
You certainly brightened my day when the delivery van pulled in.
Now to make space and hang these where I can enjoy them.

Off to check my remaining ewe once more before bedtime.