Thursday, January 17, 2019

I lub it ....

Those were Miss A's words when I gave her the nightgown I made her.

Just needed the red button and loop I put on it at this point.

Not too much lace cause it's itchy she says.
The bodice is fully lined to protect her "delicate" nature.
What a bugger if a time I had following the pattern for bagging this lining and bodice.

She was so happy about the sleeve ruffle and elastic.
She kept pulling her hands inside sleeve and asking me "where did my hand go?".

Yes it is too big but that means maybe she can use it next year also.

Of course her baby needed one too.
I love the sheep flannel I found.
Gotta represent the industry.

She promptly went back to reading and writing in her book.
She is a busy girl ya know.
Her Dad said she wouldn't take it off last night to go out to supper.
I gave it to her about 3:00 pm when I went to watch her for a couple hours.

Sorry for the iphone crappy picture quality.
It was a struggle to get her to pose for the few I took and it was another cloudy day.
Sunshine, I want sunshine!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Multi tasking ?

It has been snowing since 10 Pm last night off and on.
We have 5 " so far of wet, heavy snow.
I believe it's tapering off so no big deal with it happening on Sat/Sunday.
Should be clear for tomorrows' work force commute.
Mine is 50 ft away in the barn.
Lucky girl I am.

I think I'll practice reading while knitting.
A hardship I know but a burden I'm willing to carry.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Maybe, fingers Xed ....

On the advice of a fellow blogger I switched from Safari to Chrome on my Mac.
It seems to have fixed the issues I have had commenting and replying.
Time will tell.

Time will tell with these girls also.
6 were bred, 5 show positive results on ultrasound scan.
The other one may be bred just not showing up.
Fingers crossed for that result.

Tree is out by the road for a local goat farmer to pick up.
Decorations 99.9% put away for another year.

This munchin is still a ray of sunshine mixed with a splash of hell and brimstone.
It is going to be fun to watch her grow and develop.

LN is still home from college for a week or so.
She and I are working on scholarship paperwork and office paperwork.
I am trying to de clutter but ...yeah well ya know.... 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Ping Pong

that's what I feel like I'm playing with my blogger issues.
Still cannot reply to comments.

Finished a set of socks as a gift for a friend.
I hope she enjoys the bright fraternal colors in these shorties.
Fast knit for me.

Another fast finish while I was on a weeks vacation in Williamsburg VA with friends.
They ran me ragged but I manage a couple of nights knitting these hat up for
my favorite granddaughter.

She wore it around inside the house since she thinks my house is cold inside.
It is because its 100 years old with ancient windows and sagging or non existent insulation.
I just use it as an excuse to wear more wool clothes :-]

She was" freezing" she said after playing outside so a comfy Aunt LN's blanket
and some peanut butter on banana slices with Mickey on the idiot box.

Williamsburgh was pretty on Illumination night.
Very crowded with 50,000 of my friends enjoying the fireworks and lights.

I could live here.

Wearing my Pride and Prejudice Cowl , a gift from my youngun.
It was freezing as we toured plantations along the James River.

Still love history as much as I did as a kid reading every book my parents could afford to buy me.

Good friends, good week, and still friends to boot.

Bush Gardens Christmas lights were awesome as well.
I told you they drug me everywhere all day, every day.

The special Christmas buffet at bush gardens was banging but I was so full I needed to walk for a few hours to be able to breath with any comfort.

It was a much needed break and won't be repeated too frequently so I am cherishing the memories.

I am hitting the publish button so who knows what will happen now!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

You can comment but...

I can not reply to anyone.
I type a reply and hit publish and ....
it goes somewhere.
I just do not know where.
I'm still working on it so we shall see hopefully.


MamaPea has contacted me to let me know blog comments are not able to be posted.
I have also noticed my replies to comments are not showing up after typing them out.
Ya guys have any thoughts or solutions?
I use blogger and have not changed any settings that I know of.

This is an early Christmas present from Z's fiancee R2.
I usually call her his wife since they have lived together for years and have a child.
She knows me well.
The ears are 3D and the bell jiggles.
I love it.

It pairs well with my Mothers Day gift from R2 as well.
She is such a nice, sweet and thoughtful person.
I hope she knows what kind of family she's marrying into lol.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Show of hands please ...

Who has heard of Purse Bingo?

Who has went to purse bingo to win a designer purse for your oldest who loves them?

Who won the only purse she would not like?

             I don’t carry purses either but....

            I will carry a knitting bag for sure.

  Vera Bradley in a subtle pattern I can tolerate.

   With 6 inside pouches/pockets and 2 outside

                      zippered pockets.

         Yeah for me, nice and large to boot.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


                  4 yds of 60” wide polka dots

              $3.00 total I’m calling that a deal.

                     Not sure what to use it on.

                         ie. Clothing or quilt?

                              Maybe both?

Saturday, October 20, 2018


I ought to write a post.
So I am.
Let's see...

A friend is having a little girl any day now.
I hope this is girly enough.
I ran out of pink so used green cause grass right???
It was too big for an infant so I washed it in hot water to shrink and felt.
No picture but hopefully it will be useable.

My favorite Halloween decorations.

Today is large Amish School Auction for our area.
The neighbor made cream filled doughnuts for their food booths.
There were a full dozen in the box. 
Now whatever could have happened?

Friday, October 12, 2018

End of season...

Show season has ended for LN and I.
The remaining shows we will miss because of college obligations.
We attended Big E and KILE for those of you that know those shows.
Good times with better friends!!!

As always this kid of mine impresses me with her poise and grace.

She is so helpful to others and a calming force in my life.

The world is getting a gem in this one.
I kinda feel like that that about the other ones but don't tell them ;]`
She just happens to be with me more often.
The jeans she is wearing with the pink shirt she bought for $5.00 from a consignment box
that was at a livestock supply trailer.
Geeze she was excited about them.
My girls love bargains.
Yesterday I went to Goodwill and found 8 prs of jeans for us three.
Retail therapy... and name brands in great condition some almost new.
$6.00 each was a great price considering the original sticker price.
All three of us fit in ascending  sizes which is a bonus.
Those two obviously are the smaller sizes :-/
I have found tons of bargains for Miss A as well over the last few weeks.
(toys, playclothes, some cute winter/fall puffy vests, etc)
Lancaster has a cool second hand place I stop each time I am up at Lena college.
I found a long sleeveless shawl collared cardigan that is wool/alpaca mix in a beautiful grey color.
I can't wait to wear it this fall.
It all helps the wallet.

Today is blusteringly chilly.
Steady winds from hurricane Michael moving south of us.
I am loving it.
The sheep are being bred because the nights are cooling off finally.
A day (or month) late and a dollar (later lambing) short as my Dad always says.
Better late than never...
All appendages crossed please.