Saturday, April 21, 2012

Long Day but a Goodie

Today at last it's 4-H County Fashion Revue!
LN jumped out of bed excited.
She didn't need to be there till 1:00pm to help set-up with me. Her judging interview was at 2:00pm.
After that she made a wool pincushion craft with me, had 2 dress rehersals, did swing judging test,
had supper and finally had her fashion part of contest.
Wanna know how she did?
She won her division OVERALL!
Does she look excited? I took picture earlier in the day but she was more happy after than this shows.
Not bad for over 40 hours work and alot of dollars.
She's already planning next years outfit.
I've created a monster but I love her and am proud of her!

Coming home at 9:30pm to a downpour and feeding animals in it was less than amusing.
We needed it so bad though, a drought was occuring.
It's still raining so let's home it continues and helps the crops and ground.


  1. Mucho congrats to LN! So great to see her modeling the outfit. Both of you should be so proud.

    Hope you get just the right amount of rain. Makes things so darn difficult when we don't get enough of the stuff!

  2. Thanks Mama Pea! It's raining steadily and we show 2" in the gauge since yesterday. I hope I can get a graden in this week. I was worried the ground was hard and dry. This will help!