Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mental Case

Yep I'm officially being committed today.
Please Please Please!
LN driving me bonkers. R came up and since 1:00 pm when LN came home from school
we ate lunch then 
we have caught and walked both calves. Brushed mama cows. Cleaned and walked pigs and their pen.
Cleaned steer and heifer pen. Washed and blew out steer and heifer.
Argued, whined, goofed off, I don't wanna, I can't, I'm cold , I'm tired, etc,etc, etc.
Most of the above was from LN. She looked happy when she started out!
Get over, Deal with it, Just get it done!
I'm ready to scream!
It doesn't help that R & I weaned lambs and kids this morning either.
Silence of the lambs? I think not.
Oh well at least extra chores are done so LN can enjoy her Easter break for a few days.
She'll only have to feed and water and walk everyone 2x a day. Easy Peasy!
What a mean Mom!


  1. Somebody's gotta be the "mean mom." Everyone is better off for it when all is said and done. Hang in there.

  2. I know she appreciates it sometimes. She comments on how little or nothing her friends have to do. She says they have no idea what work is just alot of loafing.