Monday, April 23, 2012


On Saturday at 4-H Fashion Revue I was responsible for coming up with a craft to occupy 28 girls.
I googled pincushions and made up kits for this one...
It should look like watermelon slice, bad picture I'm sorry, next ones are better.
It was easy to assemble, few minutes even for kids with just bit of hand sewing to finish it off.
I cut strips of wool from former projects and assembled kits for each child.
The strips can range from 1" to 2" , I chose 1 1/2" , that seemed most proportional to my eyes
but what do I know? 
Just start rolling up red tightly inserting black "seeds" as you go according to your eyes. The seeds just lay on red making one end even with top edge so they show as you continue to roll tightly.

Keep rolling, adding on white then green for the rine. Just butt up next colors to previous ones.
Whip stitch closed and flatten roll with your hand, if it's not sitting flat trim accordingly.
TaDa, finished! As always click to enlarge pics.

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  1. Very clever idea and one that would be simple enough for all of the girls to complete! Cute, too!