Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's been raining , a soaking in rain for 24 hrs now.
Our gauge says 2 inches at this point.
The land is happy ;p  and so am I. LN didn't like her soccer game postponed but she got to spend time with her sis's husband working cows, eating ice cream at Creamery near beach so she's content.
The dust was horrendous already in April so nice change.
I dumped water out of feed pans and coaxed everyone outside to enjoy it as well as me.
All market animals have inside pens with access to outside areas so they are dry but some breed animals prefer outside pens.
Less cleaning , better air circulation as well so that's a bonus with me.
S is making supper. It's smokey in here but he's trying.
After a "discussion" recently of issues he listened to most of it. I said maybe you could cook once in awhile and not ordering pizza or chinese either. I mentioned I cook from scratch and am trying to avoid processed foods as well. Bread, pasta and potatotes are hip expanders for me I said
so I'm limiting how much I eat of those items.
 He's burning frying potatoes, making processed chicken/pineapple bagged skillet thing and fresh steamed asparagus. Small steps so I won't complain as I only eat asparagus
My throat is so sore, maybe allergies but I don't put much stock into meds so I'll deal with it as best I can each spring. Doesn't last long so that's a plus. Maybe some honey lemon tea?

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  1. My hubby doesn't cook AT ALL, but he does do a lot of other things that I'm not good at so I shouldn't complain too much. Sure would be nice to eat somebody else's cooking every now and then though! I'm envious of your fresh asparagus. Enjoy!