Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tired of Sewing

I'm tired of sewing!
I started sewing at 8 am , ended at 5 pm with a 14 yr old newbie to sewing.
Her sundress was completed with only a hem to sew in.
Hem was pinned and ironed and few inches stitched,
I'm done in. I would hate being a teacher. I'm bad at it.
I could not repeat myself over and over.
A straight line is not rocket science.
Seam ripping same seam 4 x is wrong!
I'm tired.

I did shortened 3 pair of Baseball pants for neighbor.
Yuck! That polyester/knit crap is horrible.
My "NEW TO ME" Janome 6600 didn't mine though.
I also sewed up a seam in another girls soccer jacket. She caught it on something.
It was fun to play with the stretch knit overlock .
I think I'll love this machine.
I should for the price even though trade in and reduced.

LN has to finish her handsewing on her outfit. Various little things need completed
like hook/eye, chaining lining, good pressing, etc.
I'm excited though.
3 months of hard work. I hope she does well in her contest.
Next Monday she turns it in to be construction judged and next Saturday
she competes in interview and fashion show.
Fingers crossed.  


  1. My two sewing machines are both Janome . . . although not nearly as new or nice as yours. I'm with you all the way in disliking having to teach anyone anything. I always feel like a big ol' very inadequate bossy (blank)! On the other hand, not nearly enough kids grow up these days knowing a single thing about basic sewing so kudos to you for your fine efforts!

  2. my original machine is a Singer my mom owed and next was a Singer my dad bought me 30 years ago, my simple Janome I've had for 10 years , I just bought the 6600 when a lady traded it in, def think it's a great machine , Thanks for your encouragement