Monday, April 16, 2012

Wish her Luck!!!!

You just never know when I download mynNikon CoolPix point and click what I'll find.
I was trying to photograph LN's outfit before I take it to be judged.
This popped up instead...
and this...
before I found the pics I wanted
It's so hard to take a picture now with the curtains down and no natural light on the plaid
It's such a heavy coat, LN loves it, too bad it's 80* inside at 11:00am :/
Her tan pants are crisply (is that a word) ironed and steamed
This is reallll badddd pic, this blouse is dark blue and ruffly!
I'll take them to be construction judged this afternoon with a 10 pages entry form.
On Saturday I hope I get a better picture of entire outfit on LN at the interview and fashion contest.
My non girly girl  aka tomboy did a great job.
Wish her luck!!!

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  1. Sewing is what I call a "life skill." She will be able to use it all her life in many different ways. Plus, my, my, what talent she has!!