Tuesday, May 29, 2012

500 +

500 + is the number to beat...
that is the amount of hay bales we put in the barn tonight.
Sad thing is it's only a start :p
I have hay bits stuck in places I don't enjoy :/
Did I mention it's also 90 + degrees?
Time to shower and retire...
Good Night !


90* expected w 100% humidity most of week ws only down to mid 70's.
Insulated curtains all closed, upstairs windows down.
Ceiling fans going.
2 fans on show cows. Feeding in early dawn and at sunset.
Ready for another miserable summer.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nice things come in 2's

A surprise package came today from Michelle .
I love her consolation prize from her blog contest.
I'm a novice knitter and love the teeny , tiny, sweater . Hopefully I'll be proficent enough at knitting to attempt this one day! The Tea Candy will be thrown in my bag for the upcoming soccer tournament in Gettysburgh. Always nice to have something to pop in your or my mouth so I don't yell too loudly!
LN appreciates it too ;]
LN was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this week.
I'm a proud mama.

She was excited as well. The school had a cute ceremony for the 79 inductees.
LN works hard at her grades and now has a reason to always maintain them.
If she drops below 3.5 GPA she is out of NJHS.
Good program, LN will be fine though she has 4's in all her D Cast tests this year.

Off to Gettysburgh PA tomorrow for a 4 day weekend of soccer and soccer.
Monday we have no games so we're hoping to sightsee a little bit before returning to DE.
There are 2 Moms and 4 girls going in my truck. I'm using largest trash bags and totes to insure
all arrive supplies and clothes safe and dry. Forecast is for humid high 80's and rainy.
We rented a cabin at a campground. I thought the girls can use pool and run around outside after games instead of being stuck in hotel rooms. We have 2 bedrooms and loft in cabin so we are roughing it ;]
The cabin has a full kitchen so we're cooking meals and packing lunches to save money as well as eat healthier and tastier.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yea, Weekend is Done!

The livestock show is D to the DONE, YEAH!
It went fine, a few meltdowns and learning experiences but ok in the end.
LN showed it all...
Her goat, she placed 1st in showmanship and won her market class. The 2nd goat we took didn't get in the ring though. Mishap with timing all 4 of her species in 2 rings but she was happy.
Lamb showmanship was 2nd place but judge didn't give reasons so she doesn't know why.
Markets were both 4 or 5th out of about 10, I don't remember which. That's fine as when that occurs at county level the girls generally place well at state fair.

Oinkers showmanship was a 2nd which is great, she has only been showing 3 years and improving her placing each time. In market 1 pig won his class and other won 7th out of 10. I think changing his feed type will improve him before July state fair.
Drumroll please.......

She showed Johnny!
He is a whopper too. Weighed in at 1374 with state fair having a cap at 1400 # we have some changes to make. He has to slow or stop weigh gain without losing muscle and condition.
S2 gave me a plan , we'll see how he does in 2 weeks when she shows at next county show.
Johnny was fidgeting and LN was nervous so that was interesting combo as well.
All's well that ends well.

I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.

Saturdays show was 7:30 am departure from home and 8 pm return.
The animals were happy to leave the trailer and crash in their pens.
L was asleep by 9 pm.
Her and I left at 8 30 am today for her last soccer game. It was a travel game so we got home at 4 pm.
She and S2 went over animals and changes and groomed her feeder after we came back.
All critters were fed and now...

She's crashed on sofa now waiting on her dinner and then bed.
I'm headed there shortly as well.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

S Day...

S Day...Show Day            God help them all...
Amid much cussin, bitchin & blamin S and LN are off to livestock show.
I 'll go after feed store closes at noon...
Goody Goody I can't wait : p
I'm fibbing but LN is showing her steer for 1st time so I'll be there.

Not great pic w sun behind her and Johnny.

Little better but no LN cept hand on halter ... her bro n law S2  and C her fitter are there though ;]
Wish us or more her good luck!

Goats coming too!

Sheep as well!

Don't forget hogs..

It's been a loonnnnggggg week ;/ never enough time to prepare!

LN is still perky so it's all good in the hood.
No Ace the feeder isn't going this time. He has to be weaned this week.
He'll make his grand entrnce in next show.
Soccer is ongoing so that didn't help but end is near.
Ahhhh it'll be fine.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today is Yard Sale day for my husband.

He's been collecting junk things to sale for 10 yrs now.
He goes to 2 different auctions weekly that he auctioneers at but also buys for resale at.
I'm not alll...period.
He has basement covered to the rafters and my greenhouse and his shop.
He emptied part of greenhouse and shop for this week's sale.

It covers 2 haywagons and several tables in his 40 ft shed he built this year.
In 2 wks he plans another one.
As long as it's out of here I don't have much to say about it
unless it comes back....
It's also Chick Day....
The Post Office called at 6:30 am . I went to get the 110 day old chicks
and situated them in totes with light and water and feed.
Only 2 didn't make the trip which is better than last week when out of 125 chicks
only 19 survived!
The company replaced them this week at no charge.
Problem is they look alike and customers ordered about 8-10 kinds that came in divided boxes.
I've seperated as best I could but...
I hope the people come soon, this is crazy...
and this too.
Chicks are so cute but man they stink after a short while.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm a proud Mama
LN is being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.
She earned it as well , her application was 3 pages with an extra 2 added on because her community service was so extensive. Gotta love her!

School soccer is D O N E ! for this year anyway.
Now Travel Soccer's State Cup games begin this weekend .

Finally ramping up the animal chores preparing for the 1st county show.
LN has never showed cattle before, we started out with a steer and feeder for her.
No namby pamby for her. Throw it with both feet !
She s a little freaked out but we'll see on the 19th.
Sink, or swim ...maybe float?

It's sprinkling  and has been off and on, we need a steady rain but will take this for sure.

I went to hairdresser today. Yuck she used blonde on my dark brown hair as highlights.
She used carmel color last time and I liked it.
It was supposed to "hide" or blend how quickly my hair is turning gray each time.
Said "Oh it'll be fine, your well water will fade it right away"
WTHeck? If I would just put up with the gray I'd be a better person but>>>
I have NEVER had hair shorter than mid back so I'm a wuss about cutting it to a blue haired lady do.
I have natural wavy frizzy hair and the longer it is the weight holds down my fro somewhat!
If I cut it off will I have bouncy, sexy curls like in the smut books I read?
NO! I'll have frizzy halo making my head look like an Oopah Lompa! 
Oh to age gracefully!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Only a kid thinks Buttercups are pretty...
Rest Majority of us know they are noxious weeds.
Oh well, I think I'll keep her.
She scored a goal after playing wing only a few times and
had assists on many others this weekend in her
3 Travel Soccer games.

She's my favorite buttercup!
She has 2 school soccer games this week along with livestock judging, her personal training with a college soccer coach, horticulture for 4-H meeting, monthly 4-H meeting where she's running for secretary of her club, 2 travel soccer practices, clip her 3 goats for livestock show, oh yea and school and dentist appt.
All this by friday night.
MamaPea @   says it's a good thing to keep her busy.
I'm not sure it's good for these old bones
I'll try to keep up...
My sorely needed dividing Irises are blooming nicely anyhow.
A couple of varieties on the other side of yard.
What do you think of  an "evil" looking cat picture. Puss-Puss formerly called Moo Kitty
from her coloring is LN's sweet indoor mostly outdoor sometimes buddy.
R is under there somewhere! She was cold I guess at LN's game couple weeks ago.
She watched from her peep hole. Supportive  sis ain't she?
My favorite lil squaw!
Just like her Great Grand-ma and other generations of our family.
I also saw my favorite son today but he doesn't do pictures or linger long enough for my liking
but he came, we talked a smidge and he went :/
And finally all this 8 ft high  (piled up  in horse trailer's 12 ft  back section) of loose old hay
donated to cows by S's cousin (new place, old hay left by previous owner & not needed) had to be put forkful by forkful here...
I filled ring over the top before I stop with back third still left for another day.
Sorry no pic but it was getting near dark.
That's Miss Diamond helping herself to a bit. She would have helped but her opposible thumbs never developed. Poor Dear!
End of weekend... sleepy time for me!

Friday, May 4, 2012


Wow, LN and I did alot in a few hours.
She washed and blew out steer, walked and set up said steer.
Cleaned said steer/heifer pen and rebedded, fed steer/heifer.
Moved on to pigs and cleaned, walked and washed pigs.
Fed said pigs.
Next was lambs and goats initiation into halters/collars and walking w/o dying.
They survived but we peed our britches laughing at them.
I don't wanna! was their theme.
Much tangling issued!
Even with her barn clogs...this lol
But it's done.
Tomorrow we 're leaving at 6 am for double shot of soccer in PA.
Maybe when we return we'll start again.
Don't tell LN...shhhh

Thursday, May 3, 2012

That Time...

Yep, it's Strawberry time here.
A big bowl of layered homeade shortbread, strawberries and whipped creme
definently hits the spot!
Think I'll go have another bowl, yum.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Started the day off  drawing blood on a cow to send away for preg test then...
It's time for the cattle to get their pedicures.
You can see why...
Diamond's feet grow fast...Thank Goodness for B
He came with his truck unit
Dropped the hydraulics
Loaded Diamond
Said Abra Cada Bra, Hocus Pocus...
Actually tighten straps around her belly and
Up, Up and Away
She rolls! A lil sanding and polishing...
And TaDa...
Pretty Feet!
We only had to "rinse and repeat" for 5 head...
Most only get done once a year but Market Steer will receive an extra treatment before
our State fair the end of July.
I was the only collateral damage or more correctly my jeans done got ripped when
one critter stepped too close!
All and all not a bad few hours and another 2 jobs off the list.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Second today, yeah!

 Michelle at Boulderneigh is celebrating her 1500th post.  Here's the link to enter . 
she has neat fiber posts as well as horses to homeschooling with awesome pictures to boot.

I know I haven't posted regular and now 2 on 1 day so I'm ducking in case of falling debris!
LN picked her top 4 choices for market lambs today. She didn't have school or traveling soccer so she had daylight hours to decide or at least narrow it to 4 potential canidates.
Unfortunently for these 2 they didnt't make the cut but I have a farmer who wants some ewe lambs to restart his flock. 
Her choices were still eating when I remembered my camera.

It was hilarious to try to catch the wild buggers while they jump and dive.
 Her market goats are too friendly and nipped at her the whole time begging for attention.
I should clarify 2 of the 3 she kept are friendly, this one hates human touch.
She's definentely needing attention before her may 19th county show.
This one is overnice and I love her conformation, Delilah.

This is not where a lamb needs to be...

It is a hay feeder they lambs and goats have destroyed. S and R made it 10-12 years ago so we've gotten our moneys worth but still...guys...really? It's now headed to burn pile. 
See how friendly Delilah is to LN?
Hope she still stands in show ring w/o nibbling too much!


I promised myself that I would post regularly.
I'm a bad blogger!
I meant this blog as a diary of sorts. I've always liked to write wether I'm good at it or not ;{
It's just a rough sorta time of the year.
Tween' working the feed store, running to soccer games and tournaments for 2 teams,
going to trainer for LN, breaking animals to show, etc etc etc. I'm beat.
I forget how I did it when we had 2, 3, 4 and 5 here at one time.
Most all played at least one sport and a couple were in 4-H as heavily as LN.
Must mean I'm just getting old and can't handle it as well.
Oh well, off to attempt to walk lambs and goats.
Tonight going to high school soccer game with LN just for fun.
I'll catch up on blog soon.