Tuesday, May 29, 2012


90* expected w 100% humidity most of week ws only down to mid 70's.
Insulated curtains all closed, upstairs windows down.
Ceiling fans going.
2 fans on show cows. Feeding in early dawn and at sunset.
Ready for another miserable summer.


  1. People think we're crazy for living way up here where it has snowed every month of the year at one time or another in the past, but I just couldn't take the heat and humidity you folks have to put up with. We are supposed to get down into the 30s tonight, we've had rain every day for the past two weeks, and we just made a fire in the wood stove before dinner because it was feelin' kinda chilly in here. :o}

    1. Trust me Mama Pea I do NOT enjoy this at all. I've lived in Pa and MD most of my life and it was better but I'm aiming for northern states asap. I live here because my MIL is 86 yr old and doesn't want to leave. S is only child and I feel bad forcing her to go with me. I live for the day I have 30's in each month and snow in June at least ;}