Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nice things come in 2's

A surprise package came today from Michelle .
I love her consolation prize from her blog contest.
I'm a novice knitter and love the teeny , tiny, sweater . Hopefully I'll be proficent enough at knitting to attempt this one day! The Tea Candy will be thrown in my bag for the upcoming soccer tournament in Gettysburgh. Always nice to have something to pop in your or my mouth so I don't yell too loudly!
LN appreciates it too ;]
LN was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this week.
I'm a proud mama.

She was excited as well. The school had a cute ceremony for the 79 inductees.
LN works hard at her grades and now has a reason to always maintain them.
If she drops below 3.5 GPA she is out of NJHS.
Good program, LN will be fine though she has 4's in all her D Cast tests this year.

Off to Gettysburgh PA tomorrow for a 4 day weekend of soccer and soccer.
Monday we have no games so we're hoping to sightsee a little bit before returning to DE.
There are 2 Moms and 4 girls going in my truck. I'm using largest trash bags and totes to insure
all arrive supplies and clothes safe and dry. Forecast is for humid high 80's and rainy.
We rented a cabin at a campground. I thought the girls can use pool and run around outside after games instead of being stuck in hotel rooms. We have 2 bedrooms and loft in cabin so we are roughing it ;]
The cabin has a full kitchen so we're cooking meals and packing lunches to save money as well as eat healthier and tastier.


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