Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm a proud Mama
LN is being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.
She earned it as well , her application was 3 pages with an extra 2 added on because her community service was so extensive. Gotta love her!

School soccer is D O N E ! for this year anyway.
Now Travel Soccer's State Cup games begin this weekend .

Finally ramping up the animal chores preparing for the 1st county show.
LN has never showed cattle before, we started out with a steer and feeder for her.
No namby pamby for her. Throw it with both feet !
She s a little freaked out but we'll see on the 19th.
Sink, or swim ...maybe float?

It's sprinkling  and has been off and on, we need a steady rain but will take this for sure.

I went to hairdresser today. Yuck she used blonde on my dark brown hair as highlights.
She used carmel color last time and I liked it.
It was supposed to "hide" or blend how quickly my hair is turning gray each time.
Said "Oh it'll be fine, your well water will fade it right away"
WTHeck? If I would just put up with the gray I'd be a better person but>>>
I have NEVER had hair shorter than mid back so I'm a wuss about cutting it to a blue haired lady do.
I have natural wavy frizzy hair and the longer it is the weight holds down my fro somewhat!
If I cut it off will I have bouncy, sexy curls like in the smut books I read?
NO! I'll have frizzy halo making my head look like an Oopah Lompa! 
Oh to age gracefully!


  1. Is there a woman alive who actually LIKES her hair? I am extremely fortunate in the not-getting-gray category. Don't know why but even at 69 I have very few gray hairs. Extremely hard to manage hair, yes, but gray, no. But back to my rant . . . why is it that men can turn gray and still look fine, but when a woman lets her hair go "natural" (i.e., gray) she tends to look 20 years older than she would if she covered the gray? Why, oh why, is that??

    1. I know what you mean MamaPea. Womens hair is longer I think and growing it out a quarter inch at a time is wierd. It looks like a gray headband that gets wider with natural color tacked on the ends;/ If a whole strand turned I wouldn't mind.
      I was told that gray is a color people are dying their whole heads now. Apparently celbs think a gray/purple is cool. I'm not agreeing but I know now why so many women just hack it all off at a certain age. Then the growout is not so glaring I think. I'm not there yet.