Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Started the day off  drawing blood on a cow to send away for preg test then...
It's time for the cattle to get their pedicures.
You can see why...
Diamond's feet grow fast...Thank Goodness for B
He came with his truck unit
Dropped the hydraulics
Loaded Diamond
Said Abra Cada Bra, Hocus Pocus...
Actually tighten straps around her belly and
Up, Up and Away
She rolls! A lil sanding and polishing...
And TaDa...
Pretty Feet!
We only had to "rinse and repeat" for 5 head...
Most only get done once a year but Market Steer will receive an extra treatment before
our State fair the end of July.
I was the only collateral damage or more correctly my jeans done got ripped when
one critter stepped too close!
All and all not a bad few hours and another 2 jobs off the list.


  1. How interesting! I've never seen a contraption like that but kudos to the person who thought it up! Heck, I wouldn't mind being strapped in and having MY toesies done!

    P.S. Glad you weren't hurt . . . ripping jeans requires a LOT of torque!

  2. My jeans are old and fraying so not much torque involved Mama Pea. I wear them too long as is so that doesn't help either. The truck they use is genius. It folds up and away for regular road driving on a regular frame truck but unfolds to create the chute necessary to de-mobalize cattle.