Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Second today, yeah!

 Michelle at Boulderneigh is celebrating her 1500th post.  Here's the link to enter . 
she has neat fiber posts as well as horses to homeschooling with awesome pictures to boot.

I know I haven't posted regular and now 2 on 1 day so I'm ducking in case of falling debris!
LN picked her top 4 choices for market lambs today. She didn't have school or traveling soccer so she had daylight hours to decide or at least narrow it to 4 potential canidates.
Unfortunently for these 2 they didnt't make the cut but I have a farmer who wants some ewe lambs to restart his flock. 
Her choices were still eating when I remembered my camera.

It was hilarious to try to catch the wild buggers while they jump and dive.
 Her market goats are too friendly and nipped at her the whole time begging for attention.
I should clarify 2 of the 3 she kept are friendly, this one hates human touch.
She's definentely needing attention before her may 19th county show.
This one is overnice and I love her conformation, Delilah.

This is not where a lamb needs to be...

It is a hay feeder they lambs and goats have destroyed. S and R made it 10-12 years ago so we've gotten our moneys worth but still...guys...really? It's now headed to burn pile. 
See how friendly Delilah is to LN?
Hope she still stands in show ring w/o nibbling too much!


  1. Hey Lisa, I want to send you a "consolation prize" for my May Day drawing (see today's post), so I need to know which flavor (if any) of Bali's Best Tea Candy you would prefer: Classic Iced Tea, Citrus Green Tea, or Green Tea Latte? I'll also need your address; you can email it to me using the link on the right side of my blog.

    Michelle :-)

  2. Thank-you for the upcoming consolation gift Michelle. I will send you the email with my address. I'm excited to try the candy!