Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yea, Weekend is Done!

The livestock show is D to the DONE, YEAH!
It went fine, a few meltdowns and learning experiences but ok in the end.
LN showed it all...
Her goat, she placed 1st in showmanship and won her market class. The 2nd goat we took didn't get in the ring though. Mishap with timing all 4 of her species in 2 rings but she was happy.
Lamb showmanship was 2nd place but judge didn't give reasons so she doesn't know why.
Markets were both 4 or 5th out of about 10, I don't remember which. That's fine as when that occurs at county level the girls generally place well at state fair.

Oinkers showmanship was a 2nd which is great, she has only been showing 3 years and improving her placing each time. In market 1 pig won his class and other won 7th out of 10. I think changing his feed type will improve him before July state fair.
Drumroll please.......

She showed Johnny!
He is a whopper too. Weighed in at 1374 with state fair having a cap at 1400 # we have some changes to make. He has to slow or stop weigh gain without losing muscle and condition.
S2 gave me a plan , we'll see how he does in 2 weeks when she shows at next county show.
Johnny was fidgeting and LN was nervous so that was interesting combo as well.
All's well that ends well.

I'm tired.
I'm tired.
I'm tired.

Saturdays show was 7:30 am departure from home and 8 pm return.
The animals were happy to leave the trailer and crash in their pens.
L was asleep by 9 pm.
Her and I left at 8 30 am today for her last soccer game. It was a travel game so we got home at 4 pm.
She and S2 went over animals and changes and groomed her feeder after we came back.
All critters were fed and now...

She's crashed on sofa now waiting on her dinner and then bed.
I'm headed there shortly as well.

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