Friday, June 22, 2012

Broken Records

The heat has broken a record in Delaware and it's still June!

I have broken a record on B*tchiness because of the heat!

I am sleeping in the basement on the floor in the craft room untill I buy a futon because of the said heat!

I decided to chemically have my hair straightened on a record setting hottest day!
Apparently you can NOT touch or wash your hair for a week while it's "setting" at the hottest part of the year! I was informed of this at the "no turning back" part of the process. I am not impressed yet. I had it done to cut out the horrible frizz of my humidity induced curly, wavey, frizzey mess on my head. I should NOT care and should have put up with it and kept slathering it with moroccan oil each day.

 I'm too old to be vain. I am ashamed.

In nicer news I picked up my "newer to me" camper on Father's Day.

I now need to clean and  transfer things from old camper but will wait for a break in the 100* days that is due next week. The only differences are minor such as bunks are on opposite sides in the back and it's 7 years newer than the older one. Oh DOES NOT LEAK! So woohooo!

On the way back from the 1 1/2 ride fetching said camper we stopped at Greenwood Fire House to get their fundraising chicken. It is the bomb according to LN. She was begging so we stopped. It is a vinegar based sause on the chicken which is cooked over charcoal pits. It is only available in the summer on weekends. R & her husband S2 go regularly to buy as they live closer and took LN one day she was down with them. I've only had it once before when S2 brought it to fair for us but it is yummmy! You get a thigh/leg quarter with chips, roll and pickles. I add more sauce which is provided.
LN cleaned up her portion leaving only bones and the pickles.
I don't think S was impressed though. He's hard to please when it's not his idea although he cleaned it up only complaining afterwards ;P

When I went to download these pictures from father's Day I found this....

I love you too LN!
You never know what she'll do when you leave your camera laying around but it made my day finding her message in pictures.

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